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How Can I Use Facebook for My
Do you simply desire to market your offers to fans and convert them to customers? Pick your goal, share it with your entire wp tweet machine 2.0 reviewthen afterwards create content that will help you meet it. Is your goal
to make some kind of Frankenstein-like combination of these? This is your chance to get in touch with customers for little to no cost. Customers choose to become familiar with you. They want to see your personality. Be engaging, be funny, be informative, and don't be afraid to become a little "out there." This is your chance to loosen your tie a little. Consider Facebook to become the Happy Hour of business
marketing. Think your company is too boring to get on Facebook? Reconsider. Other "boring" companies like Dropbox and General Electric are crafting engaging messages on social networking sites to perk up their
brands, therefore, so can you. If you could go to one networking event that would have a million-plus
potential customers and you could possibly show them your message for FREE, wouldn't you go? Well, if you haven't observed the analogy yet, Facebook is that event, and if you aren't on there, you're snubbing
your nose at countless potential customers. You're convinced now, right? There IS business viability in Facebook. Now it's time to build that page and begin. I'll walk you through the process.
Discover How To Set Up A Facebook Page For Your Business And Beyond.
#1: Choose a Page Category
When you set up your Facebook page, you enter the name of your page and choose from six main page categories (which all have their own subcategories).
The category you choose allows you to have specific features, as shown in this helpful chart from Facebook’s Help Center.
Beyond the features you want to have on your page, following is additional information to help you choose the right type of Facebook page. Make sure you choose both the category and subcategory that
are most relevant for your page. Note that you can change your page’s category an unlimited number of
times. The only consequence is if you change it from the Local Business or Place category, you’ll lose your reviews, map and check-ins.
Choose the Local Business or Place category if you have a physical address where your customers do business with you or that represents the physical area in which you offer your services. This is also a good option if you want to allow people to check in at your location or review your business on Facebook.
Company, Organization or Institution Choose the Company, Organization or Institution category if your
page represents an entity that is not location-dependent, such as Dell, NASA or the University of Phoenix. This category is also a good option for wp tweet machine 2.0 review or places that want to list an address and allow
check-ins, but don’t want customers to leave reviews. Brand or Product Choose Brand or Product if your page represents something that is sold through a variety of retailers. It’s a good option if you don’t need to designate a physical address. Artist, Band or Public Figure Choose Artist, Band or Public Figure if your page represents an
individual such as a politician or a celebrity (real or fictional). This is also a good option if you want to market yourself separately from your Facebook personal profile.
Choose Entertainment if your page is related to books, magazines, movies, music or sports, but not individuals. It’s also a good option if you don’t need to designate a physical address with your page.
Cause or Community
If your page doesn’t fit under any of the above main categories (and subcategories), then choose Cause or Community as your page’s main category. However, look through the above options first to make sure
that your page doesn’t fit better under a different category. Still a little confused by page categories? Here’s an example of how a recognized name uses them. Microsoft has their main Facebook page in
the Company, Organization or Institution category. They have pages for their individual Microsoft store locations in the Local Business or Place category. They also have pages for items such as the Microsoft Lumia in
the Brand or Product category.
#2: Add Company Details
If you’re setting up a Facebook page for the first time, you’ll be taken through a wizard to fill in your information. If you selected the Local Business or Place category for your page, you can add detailed category information, a description, a website and a custom web. This description will display at the top of your Facebook page. Keep this section succinct. You want to write 2-3 sentences of awesome copy that will draw someone in and make them want to stay on your page.Also, look to add relevant keywords, as this can help someone to find
your page in a search.
The last field on this page will allow you to add your wp tweet machine 2.0 review. If you have an existing website dedicated to your business, list it here. If you have other sites, like review sites or directory listing sites that you would like to feature, select Add Another Site and list away. Then let Facebook know whether this is a real place or not, click Save Info, and you are on your way to step number 2 (see, that wasn’t so hard, was it?).
Address for your page. You also have to confirm that it’s a real establishment and that you’re authorized to create a page for it.
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