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Getting Paid to Post
As alluded to earlier, monetizing your wishloop review doesn’t have to mean filing up your text or even your sidebar with ads. Many blogs make the majority of their blogrelated money through sponsored post campaigns. For many bloggers, sponsored post campaigns means receiving money to post content related to a company or a
product. Some bloggers also post product reviews and consider the product they’ve received to be compensation. Blogging for money can also lead you down the path of the professional blogger, where you write posts for other blogs.
Placing products on your blog
Some bloggers fear that the inflence of advertisers and content sponsors might take over the traditionally independent voice of the blogosphere. When advertisers offr money or goods to bloggers to share information about their products and services in a blog, it might not result in an honest review of the business. So, if
you’re paid to post information about someone else, make sure that you retain your right to post your own, honest opinion.
If you post sponsored content or reviews of products sent to you for free, you are required by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to disclose that at the beginning of your wishloop review. Learn more at Many bloggers hear from PR fims and companies daily with requests for spon- sored content placement and product reviews. However, a variety of companies also connect bloggers and brands. The companies in the following list all offr in-network bloggers the opportunity to participate in everything from sponsored content to product reviews to even spokesperson campaigns. In fact, many bloggers have used their sites as a launching point to build a related career — such as spokesperson work or paid speaker — and the blog networks below are often instrumental in making that happen:
» MomSelect (
» TapInflence (
» Global Inflence Network (
» One2One Network (
» The Motherhood (
» Clever Girls Collective (
Many advertising networks such as Federated Media and BlogHer also place spon-
sored content campaigns on blogs within their network, combining two revenue
streams for bloggers within their networks.
Blogging professionally
You can offr your blogging services to those who might want them by making a small business for yourself as a professional blogger. Believe me, companies are often looking for competent writers whom they can hire to contribute content to their blogs. To offr your service, check the blogger-wanted ads on job boards and see whether you’re interested in writing about any topic. Also, be sure to post about your availability on your own blog’s sidebar and in your blog itself. A site where you can start your search for blogging jobs is Jobs.Progblogger ( This popular website provides help to bloggers so that they can monetize their websites. The job board is highly active, and blogger jobs often appear here. When you begin blogging professionally, you need to keep track of any progress you make. Typically, this tracking includes either the number of posts that you create or the number of site visitors over a period of time. You can organize this information in various ways, but the tracking needs to prove that some interaction occurred between you and your readers. Tying in Affiate Marketing If you ever blogged about a product that you really like and just knew that you were helping the company that makes the product make a sale, you can now make
some money from that sale with affiate marketing. Popular retailers have set up affiate marketing programs, most notably Amazon. com. You sign up with an affiate program, and when you blog about one of its
products, you include a piece of identifying information that the company gives you. You earn cash when readers of your blog click the product and buy wishloop review .
If you fid yourself blogging about items that others might buy as a result of your recommendation, check to see whether the company that makes the product has an affiate program, and sign yourself up. In short order, your blog can contain links to books, DVDs, or other products that provide you with a commission on each product bought through a link from your
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