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On the other hand, when you've hit $25 spent and you have 100% ROI and above, this is a great targetr review, it's showing you the shirt has potential and you should keep your eye on it for the next 24 hours and if sales
continue to come in, you may want to start thinking about getting ready to start scaling.
Play this game with rules. If you haven't learned by now, your feelings don't matter in this t-shirt game. It doesn't matter what YOU think at the end of the day, it's all about what the market wants. Mastering Ads is all about removing all emotion from the equation and relying on strict rules. When you spend money on ads, if anything, you're always buying data and you need to USE it! Use as much of the data as you possibly can from the very beginning. In the first 100 – 200 reach for each of your ads, you want to take a look at the early data, specifically your CTR and CPC(All). My rule is if I witness any particular ads with poor CTR(0% - 1.99%)
after it's been seen by 100 – 200 people, it's cut. Under 2% CTR after your ad has been showed to over one hundred people is a worrying sign. Imagine 200 people interested in cats seeing your ad for a cat shirt and
198 of them ignoring it completely. The other two people simply clicking the like button. This rate of engagement is an early sign of death.When your engagement rate is this low, it'll reflect on the CPC side as
well. Having a super high CPC is one of the quickest ways for an ad to get cut off because for most people the affordability just isn't there - it shouldn't be! It shouldn't cost you 40 cents – 50 cents and above for a like, share or comment. This is a sign something is off. At that targetr review , imagine someone coming across your ad, liking it and Facebook charging you 40 cents for that like and then that person comments. Not a buyer intent comment but just a simple “Lol” or something and now you're 80 cents in. Even if you could afford to spend 40 cents on a like, it's not smart. You can't scale at that level and if your ads are getting these kind of numbers,
there's something amiss. I get nervous once my CPC(All) starts creeping above a quarter, I look at that as pretty high but still bearable if you're making money of course. One of my rules for CPC is to cut any ad that hits 50 cents, which is just ridiculous and clear sign the ad isn't connecting well with your audience. The lower your CPC, the longer you'll be able to run your ads so you really want to get that part in order and that comes down to three things: a good looking design, a hard-hitting concept and great targeting. All three of those aspects must be in check every time you launch a test ad for a new shirt so you can be sure you're not walking away from a potential winner. Another data point to look at after a few bucks spend is your CPC to your website. This is a super important metric to keep an eye on because this lets you gauge how interested your audience actually is in BUYING. If you have an adset that has spent $4 or $5 and you notice that you
haven't even had anyone click through to your website yet – that's a problem. If a click does come through at that point, your CPC to website will be $4 and that's quite high. Think about it like this, the average click to a website on Google Adwords in 2016 is around $2.32 and you know how many people vanished from Adwords due to the super high costs. Facebook's cost has increased over time as well but you definitely shouldn't be spending $4 for a website click. Getting up to $2.32 with FB ads isn't surprising and you can make a lot of money there but once you start creeping up into $3, $4, $5, it's not working out. If people aren't clicking through to the website often enough, your CPC to targetr review will be high. If this is the case, the data is telling you the shirt may be good enough to get likes, shares and/or comments but people aren't really showing buyer intent because no one's clicking the link. So keep an eye on all of those metrics and use them wisely. We pay for
data for a reason, to use it to optimize our ads. A lot of people talk down on surface level stats like CTR, CPC and CPM and say the only thing that matters is conversions and I agree that conversions are what
matters at the end of the day but the surface level stats matter as well! It's all a part of the data and if you're spending money to receive it, you need to use up every bit of it.

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