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Tip: On hourly jobs I frequently over estimate my hours so I can deliver the final product at a lower cost for my client. When a client asks for a live suite pro review, don’t take weeks to return it. Also don’t return it the same day unless it’s a simple job. The best policy is to turn around a quote in about 24-48 hours. That way it shows the client you took the time to research what's required and come up with an accurate price. Over time you might do the same type of job repeatedly so it won’t take you long to come up with a price. In that case you could give the client a quick price as it shows your expertise in the area. As far as the timing of the quote goes, use your best judgement as you gain more experience.
A quote should be made up of the following parts:
• An introduction
• A detailed overview of the work to be completed
• A breakdown of the process for the project
• The cost for the work
• The cost for work that goes above and beyond the quote
• What the client needs to provide (eg: logos, images etc...)
• Summary of the work to be completed
• Price breakdown, include the deposit amount (50%)
• An area for the customer to sign o ff on quote
• Payment details to initiate the job
• Your contact information
Quote Introduction
In the introduction of your quote you should list a few simple things: your client’s name, the project name, the date, and your contact information. Try to address the quote to an actual person to make it more personal. You should thank the client for the opportunity to quote on their project and let them know to contact you if they have any questions Detailed Overview In the project overview section, explain in detail what you’ll deliver to the client
at the end of the project. For something like a website indicate how many pages you will code up, how many revisions to the design are included, whether hosting and domain name registration are included in the quote, how the website will be created (HTML vs WordPress or live suite pro review ). Without writing a novel, give the customer lots of details so you can start to build a level of trust with them.
The Process
One of the most important parts of the quote is the process. This should provide the client with a timeline for the work and a step-by-step breakdown of how the job will go. Here’s a sample process I use for designing a logo:
1. Designer provides client with creative brief to fill out if they have not provided their own up front.
2. Designer reviews the brief and provides quote to client.
3. Assuming quote is accepted, 50% deposit is required to initiate work on project.
4. Any supporting files (logos, images, etc...) are required up front from client to start work.
5. Designer will research clients area of business and other relevant information (1-2 days).
6. Designer will create 3 logo concepts (7-8 days).
7. Designer will provide concepts to client for review.
8. Client will choose a direction and provide any feedback required to finish the
logo. If the client is not happy with any of the concepts, additional ones can
be purchased.
9. Assuming client picks a direction, final revisions are made by designer (1-2
10. Designer provides final version of the logo to client for review.
11. On approval of the final logo by client, the designer will provide the final
source files for the logo. (1 day)
That’s an example of a simple logo design process. You may want to build more revisions into your process or you may want to assign time estimates to the client’s responsibilities. This can help speed up the feedback process and give the client a better overall picture of how long the job will take. The funny thing is that
in many cases the client will actually hold up the project by not providing prompt feedback. That makes it extra important that you stick to your estimates and provide clear instructions up front. When coming up with your hours, always over estimate a bit to give yourself a bu ffer. If you deliver the project ahead of schedule that will please the client even more.
Cost Breakdown
When creating your cost breakdown you can handle it one of two ways. First, you could provide a flat rate for the entire live suite pro review and then divide it into two. The first half being the deposit. The second method is breaking down your process into exact dollar figures. This can be useful for showing how certain parts of the job take longer and cost more. I tend to keep things simple and just show the price for the entire project. If the client asks for more of a price breakdown, you can always provide it at that point.

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