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» Install and regularly run antivirus software on your computer.
» If you write your posts on your computer, delete them from your computer and use software intended to permanently remove fies from your computer. The Mac makes this easy — simply choose Secure Empty Trash from the Finder menu. On the PC, look into installing software such as Ccleaner (www.
» After you go online to post to your wp contentio review, make sure to clear your cookies, passwords, and browser history. The technique for doing this will vary depending on which browser you are using, so be sure to read through the
documentation provided to make sure you know how to accomplish these tasks. Clearing your history means that your computer is clean if others use it or it is lost. You should also do this if you use a public computer.
» Be cautious in how you participate in commenting on blogs, using forums, or signing up for services using your anonymous identity. Many of these services collect IP addresses when you post to them, or when you sign up.
» Blogging in public is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, using a publicly available computer — in a library or Internet cafe — means muddying the waters in terms of who posted to a blog from that computer. On the other hand, if you’re in public, others can likely view your screen, you yourself can be seen, and you don’t know what software might be on the computer you are using.
Keeping up
Keep up to date on the technical issues involved. Don’t assume that you’ve set things up that will protect you permanently. The Internet is a very flid wp contentio review Technology and tools change constantly, and having all your bases covered today is no guarantee that you will be safe tomorrow. For instance, simply upgrading
your browser to the latest version has implications for security! This goes for legal issues around anonymity as well. Know the laws in your country, or those that apply to you, so that you can be deliberate about what laws you violate (if any) or what the consequences might be if you are identifid.
I t’s a fact: People love photos! In this image-driven online world, includingphotos and graphics within your written content is quite nearly a requirement.You can increase your readership and decrease your writing time by including photos in your blog posts or putting photo badges (code you can place on your blog that shows of your photos) into your sidebar. Many bloggers have discovered that including a photo in a blog post, even if the photo is only tangentially related to the post, ensures that more people read the post than read entries without photos.
Most importantly, including images and graphics within your wp contentio review makes them more shareable on social media, especially platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest where photos are king! If you own a smartphone, then you already own a decent digital camera. If you have access to the Internet, then you’re set with photo-editing software! Chances are that without ever picking up a traditional camera or purchasing a single edit-ing program, you already have the tools at hand to start putting photos into your blog quickly. But in case you’re new to photography, this chapter also includes information about choosing a digital camera or software. Putting graphics on your site is incredibly easy, and today’s wonderful photosharing websites and photo-enabled blogging platforms make posting photos online quick and easy. In fact, if you already have a Flickr account that you use to share your digital photos, you can jump right to the section “Inserting Photos into Blog Posts with Flickr,” later in this chapter (though this is not at all necessary). You’ll be pleased as punch to fid out how easily you can do it.
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