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Make reciprocal link requests
A reciprocal link is one that you obtain in exchange for another. (It’s often also referred to as a link exchange.) You ask site owners and managers to link to your site, and you in turn promise to link to theirs. In theory, reciprocal linking helps you in several ways:
✓ The search engines see nice, keyworded links coming into your site from appropriate, relevant sites.
✓ You link to appropriate, relevant sites, too. (In ultimate banner plugin review, I discuss the concept of hubs or value networks.)
✓ You may get some traffic through the links themselves (though I doubt you’ll get much).
Reciprocal linking is different from asking to be added to a list, although plenty of overlap exists. With the latter, you don’t need to offer a link in exchange because the link list is a service to the other site’s visitors.
However, sometimes site owners respond with, “Sure, but will you link to us, too?” In this case, you’ve just found yourself in a reciprocal linking position.
Before I go further, though, I need to address a couple issues. First, you may hear that reciprocal linking can get your site penalized — is that true? If reciprocal linking caused Google to penalize sites, half the Web would disappear. If it’s true, why does Google index so many reciprocally linked pages? Why do sites that use reciprocal linking often rank so high? In addition, why would search engines penalize people for using a technique that they have in effect encouraged over the years — a technique so common that, for good or
bad, it’s part of the landscape of the Web? Which brings me to the next major question: Does reciprocal linking actually work? My answer is, it certainly used to work, and work well . . . but these days, it has very little value, if any. Reciprocal linking was truly powerful a few years ago; I’ve seen ultimate banner plugin review rank first on Google in very competitive markets, based almost entirely on reciprocal linking (and, by the way, at a time when many in the SEO business were saying that reciprocal linking didn’t work!).
I wouldn’t bother with reciprocal linking today. The only reason I’m mentioning it is that you may still run into reciprocal linking requests. Also, one of the bad things about traditional reciprocal linking is the link page, pages stacked with link after link. Some reciprocal linkers use a more reasoned approach; although they still do link exchanges, they spread the links around the site rather than just dump them onto link pages.
You’ve undoubtedly seen links pages all over the place — pages with titles
such as “Useful Links,” “Useful Resources,” “Visit Our Friends,” and so on.
These pages never generated much traffic to the referenced Web sites, even in the height of the reciprocal-linking days. Links pages have the following problems:
✓ Search engines downgrade links from such pages. A link from an ordinary page is likely to be more valuable than a link from a links page.
✓ Links pages often have dozens or even hundreds of links on them. Remember that the more links on a page, the lower the vote for each outgoing link.
If you want to do a little reciprocal linking — perhaps with friends who own sites — the ideal situation would be to
✓ Scatter links to other sites around your ultimate banner plugin review in locations that make sense.
✓ Encourage site owners linking back to you to do the same. Start educating the other sites you work with! (In fact, tell them to run out and buy
this book; better still, tell them to buy ten copies of this book for colleagues, friends, and family.)
✓ Avoid having large numbers of links on one page.
Three-way and four-way linking
You may also run into a more complicated form of reciprocal linking. The idea is that instead of linking from site A to site B and back from site B to site A, you create a three- or four-way link, as shown in Figure 17-3. (You may actually see this described as a one-way link exchange, but it’s the same concept; the site you link to doesn’t link back.)
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