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How to Interact With Your Market & Sell More Stuff! The purpose of your lead capture page is to build a list and keep in touch with your visitors once they leave your site. Over time the goal is to build a relationship with them, build trust and constantly remind them about your product. They may not want it now but that’s not to say they won’t in the future! The best way to do this is to interact, ask questions and listen to your list. Ask them what their most pressing problems are, what they’ve tried in the past and what they’d like to try in the future. The easiest way is to write an email with some short questions or use a service like Survey Monkey. This is great feedback to help improve your front end product, tweak your sales copy and build your future backend products and services (see step seven)! Get surveys right and you may never have to do a days niche research ever again! Step One: Create Your Lead Capture Page This is the first step in your sales funnel where you offer your website visitors a reason to join your list. All you need is their name and email address and a good reason they should part with those details. The most common method is to offer a free fb exciter review, gift or newsletter in return for their contact details. The better the gift… the more likely they are to give you their contact details! If you can put a monetary value on your gift – even better! The best free gifts have a monetary value and provide a partial solution to the problem your market is looking to solve. It should offer useful but incomplete information and lead readers towards buying your paid product. As soon as your visitors join your list they are sent to your sales page by your auto-responder provider where they buy – or don’t buy your product. If they buy your product – you get paid, they get their product and you should set up your system so they are added to a specific email list for buyers. If they choose not to buy your product at least you can stay in touch via email, send them updates, free information and regularly plug your products. This is your non-buyer list. There is a lot of money to be made in the follow-up! If you need a hand with setting up your squeeze page I It’s always a good idea to promote your own products first since your new subscriber joined your list because they liked the free gift you had to offer
and what you had to say. But you can’t and won’t convert everyone into a buyer so at a later date you can start to sell other products – either your own or other peoples. Some people will never buy anything and others are just waiting for the right offer. Remember people’s circumstances change and so do their needs. As time goes on you may look into ways to maximize your traffic further using exit pop-ups and other strategies to get as many people onto your list and in front of your offers. Whilst I whole-heartedly believe in capturing the email addresses of as many people as possible there is one distinct disadvantage. You may alienate affiliates. Many affiliates won’t promote to a squeeze page in case they are not credited with sales commissions – this happens from time to time in the real world and – as the saying goes – “once bitten, twice shy”. The easiest way around this is to have two options – a sales page or the squeeze page and let affiliates decide which they want to promote. Step Two: Drive Traffic to Your Lead Capture Page Pick a method and start driving traffic. The best way to get started is to block off time in your day and have a checklist of things to do everyday. It might be post a $40 classified advert and speak to 10 potential JV partners. Or you may decide to use free traffic and might wri te 5 forum posts, 1 blog post, 5 blog comments and an article everyday. Remember you can re-purpose your work by re-writing blog posts as articles, posting your articles to Ezinearticles (or where ever) and then letting
affiliates use them to post around the interweb. Create a daily routine, drive traffic and stick to that routine until you find a better or smarter way to get traffic fast! Step Three: Create a High Converting Sales Page Anyone who joins your email list instantly gets sent to your sales page where you present your product. Your lead capture page and free gift shouldDetails:complement your main fb exciter review – which should be a more complete solution. If your subscribers buy your product they can download their product and should be added to a new list for buyers – people who have proven they spend money on solutions with you. If the don’t buy (right now) you get a second bite of the cherry by following up with emails to your non-buyers list (step 4). Now you can keep in
touch until they buy, die or unsubscribe from your list. You goal right now is: Get your sales page converting the best you can. Not only will you make more money but better conversions also means more money for affiliates and that will keep them motivated and sending traffic by the bucketload!
More traffic = more money and a bigger buyers list
Bigger Buyers List = even more money
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