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This WSO is going to teach you about the 4 most amazing traffic sources that is going to really change your sources of marketing. You're still extremely excited right? You read the Salesletter and you're all ready to take
your traffic to the next level. I'm here to tell you that this WSO is going to give you the chance to get some serious traffic You've probably tried traffic source after traffic source, but what I'm going to teach you in this
course is a simple set of tactics that have worked for me and countless others.. Free Traffic Everything in this WSO requires zero dollars to invest in order to make this flowleads app review . You can do these strategies over and over again with no problem to get more traffic. Like I've said before, while Google is great, it is still unstable. It pays off to have other sources of traffic if you ever want that fast paced traffic. Some people have told me they have used some of these tricks while they're waiting to get their sites ranking on Google. 
1) Empire.Kred
This website is the place to grow any website of yours with ease. Empire.Kred is the place that allows you to become a social influencer and develop an audience fast. What makes this site so unique compared to others is their wide range of great ways to complete missions and achieve massive growth with your site.
You can actually start discovering new content and promote to others the content that you want to share with the world. While this works for specific niches, I find that this can be a place for anybody who wants to build an
audience and get fast traffic to any content you want people to know about, whether it's your blog or squeeze page you want people to witness. Once you join the site, you have the opportunity to complete a variety of missions and receive points inthe thousands that you can redeem in the future for advertising the content you want the world to share. Their currency is known for being called "Eaves." When just getting started, you receive chances to do some of the following: Post your own picture - Reward: 10,000 Eaves Invite a Friend - Reward: 50,000 Eaves Link your social networks - Reward: 50,000 (I highly recommend you create brand new Facebook, twitters, and other accounts meant for marketing purposes before you attach it to this site. Not
because this site gives spam, but only because you don't want to confuse your personal info with this
site.) Watch This Video On How Empire.Kred Works Reward: 100,000 Eaves Complete as much Missions as much as possible and earn all of the Eaves you can get...... When you earn a substantial amount of Eaves, you
can start running your own Missions. What does it mean to run your own Missions? When you have a good enough amount to give away, you have the ability to have a mission that asks for people to do almost whatever you want in order to gain the eaves you are providing them. Again, before you start doing this, you MUST
make sure you have completed as many missions as you can possibly do. You NEED PLENTY in order
to get a good enough amount of people going to your site.
1) Click on Missions
You're going to click on Missions on your homepage.
2) Click on New Mission
Clicking here will bring you to a form that will let you type in everything you need to type in order to get people signing up 
3) Choose A Mission Type
All you have to do is simply choose between different flowleads app review. They let you choose what you want, but I always choose between "Visit Web Page URL" and the other YouTube options that they give me. You want traffic right? This is the best method for building your list. Bring people straight to your squeeze page. Note: I've never actually brought people straight to my affiliate link, but if you can do it, you might as well. I just haven't been able to do that just yet.
4) Your Title And Description
You want people to feel compelled to check out your Mission, and you want to encourage people to check your site out. NOTE ON LIST BUILDING: When trying to build your list, I highly recommend taking the time to create an educational article with the subscription on the right hand or left hand side. It should be
there but it shouldn't be the focal point of your page. A squeeze page with helpful information is the kind of landing page you want to put up. Here's an excerpt from their FAQ for creating a Mission:
Missions are an incredibly powerful "Advertorial". Remember those great advertisements that you have seen on TV, online or in print? The ones that you really remember are ones that are truly meaningful and relate to you.
Now you have Missions as a means to advertise socially. Your Mission should compel people to discover: you, your content or whatever it is that you are promoting. A great Mission describes where the person is going, is honest and expects nothing more than for a person to check your promotion out. A great social Mission engages you to engage without force! You are rewarding people to check out some content, promotion or maybe yourself online. Don't force people to engage with you! Simply rewarding others to check out your content will get people to interact! Make your content engaging and shareable. Write a great title! Engage people with the very first thing someone sees: the title. A great title could be "12 Ways to Create Great Social Missions". A poor title might be "check this web page". Think about why someone should click through to your Mission and then click through to the content and Complete your "Visit a Web Page" Mission! Another example of "poor" title etiquette is to put in a rewards amount. For one, these amounts may differ depending on a person's reputation and secondly it takes up valuable space when you could be telling an interesting flowleads app reviewWrite a great description! Be funny, be cute, be honest. Tell the Mission completer what they are about to click through. A great description for the above "12 Ways to Create Great Social Missions" could be: "Ever wanted to make people sit up and notice your social content? I've written a great post on the subject and would love for you to read it! Share it with people if you like it!".
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