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The Niche Profit System
Profitable niches are all around you. Ask yourself “What is the gramkosh review EVERYONE needs?” Until recently I'd no idea how much commission people made selling furniture, fridges and freezers and then realized everyone needs a bed, everyone needs somewhere to sit, everyone needs fridges and freezers! There are mass markets all over the place, markets so broad they literally target everyone. And each market has a wide variety of individual niches within them. It's better still when the niche has repeat buyers. Our throw-away society means we're more likely to buy a new washing machine in 5 – 10 years than keep it for 25 years plus.. . which keeps the sales team in commission until retirement. It's why health, wealth and relationships are the three BIG markets and so attractive for business. We all need money, we all need to look after our health (and will have
health problems) and we all want to have long-term, fulfilling relationships with a partner. If you're not sure where to start (and you think you might procrastinate) then pick a big, proven market like health, wealth or relationship. Within each market there are lots of sub-niches for you to target, profit from and expand into. Here are five questions I always ask myself before getting involved in a market or niche.
1. Is there paid advertising?
2. Are there a variety of different affiliate programs
3. Are other affiliate promoting products
4. Are there continuity or high ticket products on sale
5. Are there magazines for the subject
Answer “Yes” to all five questions it’s a good sign there’s money to be made and the market is tried n’ tested.
What Are You Passionate About? There are two schools of thought on making money with your passion.
One schools says it's a great way to start because you're doing what you love which means you're more likely to stick with it and see it through to the end. I couldn't agree more. The other school says go where the money is because passions aren't profitable. Good advice provided you can STICK it through to the end. Once upon a time I was heavily involved in the Forex niche building review sites and reading up on different trading systems so I could pre-sell them effectively. It bored me to tears and I ended up with some finished projects and a
fair few that remain unfinished (still on the to-do list) to this day. I made some good money but it was just like having a job! The passion vs. profitable gramkosh review  is actually very easy. If your passion is profitable then follow it whole-heartedly and go for it! A lot of people choose to start internet marketing because they hate their ob, they hate the daily commute, hate their boss and don’t earn enough money. Thing is… if you ‘go into internet marketing’ and end up in niches that bore you to death – simply because they’re profitable – then the dream lifestyle can soon start to become very job like. If your passion isn’t profitable then make a list of what you’re good at. It might be a skill you use at work, at home or something you were good at in the past. My uncle works in the auto industry but as a 20 something he was always building stuff with wood out in his shed. That’s a skill you can leverage. Leverage Existing Skills & Expertise The quickest way to enter a market and build your business is through leverage – I guess it’s a bit like learning a language. I’ve a good friend who’s a great linguist.
He learned English from his father and Spanish from his mother. He was well ahead of the curve at school when we all had to learn French. The similarities between Spanish and French meant he was leveraging his existing
knowledge and he passed his exams in less than half the time everyone else did. The quickest way for you to get started is by asking yourself “What skills do I already have?” What area’s have you experienced first hand and could offer advice on?
Don’t be scared to think outside the box and don’t exclude life-skills. The other day I was flicking through old cover issues of Parenting magazines for ideas and kept coming across two gramkosh review.
1. Dealing with temper tantrums
2. Helping fussy eaters
Two life skills I’m sure many mothers and fathers have first hand experience at and managed to deal with. And even if you’re not a parent or your children were ‘delightful’ I’m sure you could very easily research either
topic and create a report very quickly.
Quick Tip: If you find yourself doubting yourself or questioning whether or not you’re qualified to provide
the information you’re not alone! Remember expertise is relative. On a scale of 1 to 10 if you’re a level 5 then you market your product to people at level 1 -- 4. It’s no different to the Science teache r at primary school, high school or university. They’re all qualified to teach at different levels and you should think the
same. Learning to leverage your skills and knowledge is a fundamental skill as a marketer and can help you find success much, much faster.
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