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The secret of the one thing.
Marketing studies have been conducted which prove that the more video producer pro review you give people, the less likely they are to take any action at all. Joe Sugarman proved this point when he took on a proj ect for a watch seller. They had nine models of watches they insisted be included in their ads. Joe advised against this, yet they persisted. He talked them into a "test" where they focused the ad on just one watch. They reluctantly agreed to try . . . and broke sales records with this new ad approach. I've found affiliate success using the "Replace the Merchant" approach by applying this principle. When you discover a merchant placing a crazy number of purchase options on one page, you have a potential winner by picking one product from the crowd and focusing on that product only. "The Secret of the One Thing" holds true when it comes to your landing pages too. Each piece of marketing material you create should have ONE objective that stands above all others. You will be tempted with the desire to go right for the commission Patience is necessary; the commissions will come, you will convert at a higher rate of 2-3 times, and you will earn more down the road by selling to this onetime visitor over and over. The focus of all landing pages should be to further the relationship. How you further the relationship is up to you, but to be clear you're looking for a relationship - not the marketing equivalent of a "quickie" - something ultimately only bragged about by boys who need to grow up. Give your newsletter a name. That adds perceived value and helps it stand out. Scrolling through my message box, almost nobody does video producer pro review The worst might be Ebay's "store-newsletter". Most lists I belong to are using a business name, or personal name. Notice the difference . . . Bencivenga Bullets (not "Gary Bencivenga") How to Double Your Business (not "Glenn Livingston") JV Zoo Daily Pick (not "Brian Rose") Hack the Entrepreneur (not "Jon Nastor") A Holy Experience (not Ann Voskamp) The name reminds me, and suggests, what's inside. A few people, maybe like Gary Bencivenga, have enough name recognition with enough people but when you're on 800 lists you forget names and why they interested you initially. Not your name, definitely NOT employees or partners. If you work with partners, never allow them to send email using their own name. For example, I'm on John Carlton's list and he has a partner/employee named "Stan Dahl". I have no idea who Stan is, and that makes the message appear as spam. It also lessens the Carlton brand, and could lead me to associate my affinity with Stan instead of John. The biggest issue is with the claims made in the ads and on your site. If the focus is on an atypical result, you'll have problems. For example, "Lose 22 pounds in 14 Days". If you look
at those whose ads ARE running and you pay attention to how they're selling you will learn a lot. here is no mention, nor claim, regarding how much anyone will lose in the ad, or the landing page. "Fast 5" is a clever way of implying you'll lose 5 pounds the first week, but that's only implied. Break it down – Headline: Call to action, includes offer.
Description 1: Guaranteed weight loss – but no specific claim, and even if you could argue “5” is a claim it’s
Description 2: Bonus Savings – everyone gets that.
Description 3: Money Back Guarantee – for everyone.
Description 4: 150+ Menu Items – everyone gets that.
Description 5: No measuring or counting – for everyone.
If the focus of your offer is on specific weight loss numbers you'll have problems. The same is true in the make money markets - the focus needs to be on the mechanisms, which is why software is a smart move, not on the potential results unless EVERYONE will  experience that result.
Highlights and Things You Must Know from Google’s Rating Scale In this first section Google determines “relevance” based on the interpretation of the search query – ie, what is this person looking for and what’s the closest thing to “official”, AND THEN to useful/helpful/up-todate.
1) The dominant interpretation of the query is navigation, and the landing page is the target of the navigation query.
2) The dominant interpretation of the query is an entity (such as a person, video producer pro review, business, restaurant, product, company, organization, etc.), and the landing page is the official webpage associated with that entity.
The query must have a dominant interpretation. Most Vital pages are very helpful. Please note that
this is not a requirement for a rating of Vital, however. Some Vital pages are “official”, but not very helpful.
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