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Starting Out We started doing fan marketer review three years or four years ago, when they first started coming out. My very first webinar was for a product called “8 Weeks to Profits”. We had already sold it a few times, but then my very first webinar I think we made $32,000. We made $16,000 on the webinar itself and another $16,000 with some follow up emails and cards and stuff. “Wow,” I thought, “I have found my niche!” I learned that the keys were just to put together a good PowerPoint, practice it (but practice the pitch more than you practice the content), and then just be really respectful of people’s time.
What’s Next with Webinars People want to learn. The internet marketing space has gotten really crowded lately. It’s gotten very loud. Everybody promises stuff. If someone would take webinars into these other things, like dentists, and chiropractors and weight loss and all these other, you know, off-shoot type niches, I think a person could make a killing doing them. I won’t say that Internet marketing’s totally saturated. But mostly people in internet marketing have seen a lot of webinars. However, when you go into these other niches that haven’t seen so many webinars, it’s like a gold rush. It’s easier to find gold when it hasn’t been picked over so much.
What’s Changed There are more of those recurring webinars. People have gotten burned by them because they get in on webinar, they see the countdown clock, and then they realize, “Oh, this is just a video.” I still like the live webinars. I’m partial to them. I don’t mind recurring webinars, after my live webinar. But I like the live webinars – and I think they’ve gotten easier. There are the tools to help you put up the replays and do the registration page. The technology’s better. It used to be we got bumped off a lot of webinars. Nowadays, rarely do you ever get bumped off a webinar. With that said, I tell people to close their browsers. If they have ten browsers open, that’s going to eat up a lot of bandwidth and they’re going to get bumped off the fan marketer review. So that’s one thing you can say at the outset: “Look, turn up your speakers, and close all your other browsers, because you’ll get bumped off.” The added advantage is that they’re only focusing on you and they’re not trying to do ten things at once.
LAST WORDS You’re going to make some mistakes, so follow a recipe. Don’t try to learn all of this on your own. Go out and get a webinar course. We have one and other people have one. Doing it all on your own would be like me going to an auto parts store and buying a bunch of singular parts and trying to build an automobile. That would be ridiculously crazy. No, it’s already there: just go out and get an automobile. Don’t spend the next three months of your life trying to piece and hash this together. Follow a proven formula. Follow in the footsteps of someone who’s done thousands of webinars and take their advice. Follow it to a T. Then you can start tweaking it to kind of make it your own.
ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS 1. Use GoToWebinar and PowerPoint. That software combination has become the industry standard for hosting webinars because it has all of the functionality and flexibility that you’ll need. 2. Schedule webinars at 9pm EST on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the nights that most people have free. If they’re mostly US-based, that time works well for all fan marketer review. 3. Attract JVs to partner on webinars. Start by building relationships with other internet marketers. When it comes time to ask, they’ll already be your friend. Make scheduling and managing the webinar as simple as possible for them. Then give them 50% of the sales. 4. Sell through and after webinar. 50 minutes of great content, 10 minutes of pitching, final tip, and then Q&A. Immediately afterwards, follow up with an email with a link to purchase the offer. If they don’t bite, send them a physical card with a coupon. 5. Create products from webinars. If you host a webinar and it garners a lot of interest, sell the recording to people who want that information later. Use Kunaki to create and fulfill physical products.
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