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List Janitor Review – Give your email marketing a boost

List Janitor Review – Give your email marketing a boost

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Ahead of the Curve I think that at the moment, most people still don’t run split-tests. So even though more people are thinking about conversion, we don’t see many people actually running splittests and scientifically measuring what page elements and what changes have the biggest impact on their businessI think that more people adopting split-testing is important. It’s definitely going to happen, because if you’re not running split-tests, then you’re going to get squeezed out the marketplace. It’s no secret that those companies that have been split-testing the longest are the most successful ones. You look at the likes of list janitor review, Google, Expedia, Ebay – all of these hugely successful websites are data-driven and invest heavily in testing. There are many tools out there for split-testing and you can do it for free, so there really is no excuse. There are also a lot of good tools for interacting with your visitors. Again, at the moment, most website owners don’t actively gather feedback from their visitors. Those that do will be the ones who are going to stick around and the ones who are going to dominate their niches. Those who don’t will get squeezed out of the marketplace.
Future Trends Ad costs are going up. It’s going to cost more to get customers on the web. It’s going to be more competitive. Every day, millions of new websites, and therefore competitors, are created. There are a lot of big web businesses out there now. Ten years ago, you could start a website with zero budget, from your bedroom, and you could have a very successful business very quickly. SEO was very easy and prospecting costs were fairly low. That’s different now. It takes money and investment to get a web business off the ground. So, I think the barriers to entry are higher, it’s really important to have a great product. Obviously, you can have the best website in the world, the most user-friendly website in the world, the most persuasive copy in the world, but if your product is something that lets your customers down, you likely won’t succeed. Ultimately, spending time on your product is time well spent, because the product should sell itself. I think the Internet really accelerates people’s expectation for quality products and it’s near impossible to be successful with a product that isn’t a category-dominating product, which is why so many people choose to niche themselves. That’s a smart move. It’s much better to dominate a small niche with a very personalized, very good product, than it is to bring a broad product to huge niche and not be the best. Being the best is really important on the web. It’s a winner-takes-all environment.
The person with the best lifetime customer value and the best conversion rate is the person who can bid the most to get visitors. The person who can bid the most to get visitors is the one that gets all of the super affiliates, the one that can spend the most on AdWords, the one that can hire the best SEO’s, they’re the one who can afford all of the offline marketing as well, and they’re the one who squeezes the smaller players out of the marketplace. So, it really is a winner-takes-all-environment and if you’re not doing this stuff already, you really need to be. It is going mainstream. It’s really important to start focusing on your conversion rates and your lifetime customer value, because it’s a bidding war to get customers.
Last Words There are lots of tools out there that are really low cost, if not free, and really useful. We could probably talk for another hour just about the tools. We have a couple of free reports on our website. You don’t even need to give us your 
list janitor review. There’s one called “15 tools that reveal why potential customers
abandon your website.” Visit any page on our website, and in the sidebar, there’s a “Most Popular” list featuring that report. It’s worth checking out. We also have a list of 108 things to test. So, once you really understand why your visitors aren’t converting and you understand what areas you need to address, we have 108 things that you can test to overcome those issues. Again, that’s on our website in the “Most Popular” list in our sidebar. We also have numerous case studies, where we show you, in detail, how we’ve applied our methodology and this thinking to real web businesses and what the measurable outcome was. So, the case studies are really valuable too. The main thing is this: traffic becomes easier when you have a high conversion rate, because you can afford to acquire it. So, it’s really something that’s quite urgent. The great news is that most people still aren’t doing this stuff, so if you can get started today and you can start making progress, you’ll really be in a strong position when everyone else piles into your marketplace.
ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS 1. Define your vision. What do you want your website to do? What metrics will you try to increase? Before you can start testing, figure out exactly how your website funnel works with your business model. 2. Survey your audience. Use a tool like KISSinsights to find out why people don’t do what you want them to do. It comes down to one of three things (1) visitor intention, (2) user experience, or (3) overcoming objections. 3. Learn from selling in person. If you can’t sell your product or service in person, then you probably can’t sell it on a website. Take some time and talk with real people. Figure out their objections and record your actual sales pitch. Then, take what works in person and transfer that to the website. 4. Begin split-testing. Once you have the solid understanding of how to actually sell your product, start split-testing that sales video or sales copy. If you want a free split-testing tool, use Google Website Optimizer. Go to to find an unbiased list of multivariate testing tools. Test your headline, social proof, competitive advantages, call to action, the offer (most important), risk reversals (i.e. guarantees, free trials, etc.), price levels, and body copy. 5. Test out other revenue-boosting strategies. Once you have a solid, high converting sales page, implement cross-sells, upsells, and refer-a-friend programs to boost the lifetime value of your existing customers.Through his teenage years, Yanik mastered his craft as a salesperson and helped the family business grow. That’s when Yanik got a bright idea: by putting direct response ads in medical journals, the company could sell medical supplies all across the country. The business thrived as Yanik became an expert at writing effective sales letters. Before long, Yanik was working as a consultant for other businesses. One day, Yanik Silver woke up in the middle of the night with a question on his mind, “How do I create fully automatic websites that makes me money while I sleep?” He wanted to take his knowledge of making sales and start turning profits on the fastgrowing list janitor review. A month and a half later, he had created, a website where he sold sales letter templates. He made $1800 in the first month. Within three months, he was on track to make six figures from the site. That was 2000 – and is still bringing in thousands of dollars every month. It was so successful that Yanik has created a whole new career in helping people taking their expertise and leveraging it to earn a passive online income. He has since made over $15 million from the Internet.
Yanik Silver Today To that end, he’s started an online seminar called Underground that is sold-out year after year and Maverick Business Adventures, an unconventional consulting company.
What You Must Do Before You Begin Writing Copy
The Importance of Story
Formulas and Strategies
How Visuals Can Make Your Pages Pop
Video Sales Letters
How to Overcome Their Objections
The Risk in Hiring Somebody Else to Write Your Copy
OVERVIEW Copywriting is probably one of the most important skills that you can learn. It’s really powerful. It’s a very learnable skill. It’s not something that you either have or don’t have. It comes down to understanding human psychology and influence. You’ve got to come up with the ways to frame things that are in your audience’s best interest. Of course, some people have better natural instincts for it.
Before You Start Writing
Get inside the Mind of your Reader Let’s say we’re sitting here and we’ve got our product and idea. Before we even write anything, we’ve got to understand what’s going on in our marketplace. If you come from your marketplace, you’ll have an easier time with this. But if you’ve decided that you want to tackle a marketplace, you’ve got to get a little bit deeper in the research. We’ve got to understand is what’s going on in our customers’ heads. What do they really want? What are they really, really fearful of? What keeps them up at night? You have to go deeper than the surface level. That will come either from conversation or reading discussion forums. Reading a lot of forums is an interesting way of getting some market insight or research. The ones that let you be anonymous can be especially valuable because then you see all sorts of crazy stuff on there.

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