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The idea is that there’s enough money and traffic to go around. In List25’s case, when we looked at our competition (e.g. Cracked, CollegeHumor) we saw that they were sharing each other’s content on Twitter and Facebook! They even share each other’s content on their own sites.
Fair Trade When you try to reach out to a competitor or relative motion animation pro review, you want to make sure that you can offer them as much as they can offer you. So, at the beginning, we probably would not be able to reach out to a site as big as like Cracked and say, “Would you be interested in doing a traffic exchange with me?” We didn’t have anything to offer to them. Cracked is doing hundreds of millions of page views and we were just starting out. We can’t go and work out a deal with Cracked. We could have sent them an email, but most likely we wouldn’t have heard back. So, the strategy I used was to find smaller bloggers who were doing the same thing as us. Most importantly, I was tracking their Google Analytics to the dot. So, if a small blog linked to us, I went back to them and I said, “Hey, thank you for linking to us. Would you be interested in working on this partnership?” The idea was just to establish a relationship. It’s the same thing if someone tweets you, then you establish a relationship. Thank them. They will remember you once you thank them. That’s the way we grew as a new blog: networking.
The Benefits of Building Relationships Let’s say that I work out a relationship with you. I say, “Hey, can you retweet my stuff and I’ll retweet your stuff?” (Obviously, we only do this if we like you and your stuff). Then, maybe once a week or every few days, you can suggest a link for them to retweet (if you don’t see them retweeting it already). Obviously, when they retweet it, their followers are going to see it. If they like it, then they’re going to become your 
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What Really Matters Content, content, content. Having a lot of images helps and having good content above the fold. Compelling content is the number one thing that you need to have. But it’s not everything. You can have compelling content and still not get anywhere in social media.
Use Your Personal Network I actually sent out an email to all of my friends on Facebook. It said, “Hey, would you please ‘like’ List25 and help us grow?” So, use the network that you have. Often people are afraid: “Oh, I don’t want to ask my friends, because I might be selling them out.” No! When you open a local restaurant, who are the first people that you invite to your place? Your friends, so they can test it out. Your friends are probably going to be more up front with you than anybody else. So, if we do something wrong our friends will be able to tell it to us a lot faster than anybody else. I always rely on my friends. Obviously, I make a lot of friends over time. So, that’s my number one social media strategy: leverage my network to grow.
Why Social Media Matters If your audience or your client is a person, then social media is important to you. If you’re targeting robots, then you can probably ignore it. The whole idea of having a Twitter or social media base, is so that you don’t rely on a traffic boost from one-time sources. Like, “Oh my God, Yahoo news mentioned me! I got 80,000 views! But, that was it. I didn’t get anything else for the next six months.” That’s because you don’t have the social media following. With a social media following, whenever you post something, they will come back to you again and again. Social media is not about one time hits. It’s about building a loyal following over time.
A Picture is Worth 1000 Words Sharing images almost always works better than sharing links. You can see me doing that very often on our Facebook. For our List25 articles, we have images associated with each item sometimes. So, I would share one image (sometimes I would customize an image to make it catchier) and then I would add my link to the site. That way, every time somebody re-shares my image, they’re also re-sharing that little text that’s at the bottom with a link. People are going to click on that link and then go to my site. I don’t see a lot of people doing that. Most people don’t realize that images have better ranks in every system, especially Facebook. You have a higher EdgeRank, by default, for an image. So images are more likely to show up in the news feed then a link would.
Repeat Sharing Images I always share the link first. Then maybe a day or two later, I re-share that link, but I don’t want to re-share the link itself, so I share an image from the link. Since there are usually 25 images in our articles, they could be shared 25 different times in 25 different ways. That way it looks like it’s a unique thing every single time.
Getting 100,000 Fans It’s really exciting to hit 100,000 likes, which only happened about twelve hours ago. It was a monumental achievement for us.
Content Strategy Most bloggers come out with one article a day. They’ll just post their link after link after link after link on their Facebook walls. They don’t interact with their audience. That causes EdgeRank to start going down. You need to share different types of content.
For List25, we’re coming out with a new video once a week. We share that video on our Facebook. Then we share a link. We also share an image. Sometimes we mix it up with a question or a status. So it’s always fresh. That way, Facebook doesn’t see that we’re just pushing out the same exact type of content (lowering our EdgeRank). That’s absolutely crucial. Share interesting content day after day. I always like my own stuff on List25. Everything that List25 publishes, I automatically hit the ‘share’.
List 25’s Facebook Contest The key to our growth was the contest that we ran. I did a detailed post on
WPBeginner on how we used WordPress and a few plugins to run this amazing contest. It pushed us over 30,000 fans in less than a month. At end of November, I asked, “How about we do a Facebook giveaway?” Ok. We decided to give away 25 $25 Amazon gift cards for 25 days, starting from November 30th to December 24th. The contest was so timely because it was around Christmas. We made it a holiday giveaway. If we held a contest at any other time, it could have looked like spam. People could purchase whatever they wanted for Christmas, using the gift card that we give them.
Facebook Ads We did Facebook Ad campaigns when we first started the contest. You need to get the word out to a few people somehow. Our budget wasn’t that much. I think it was five to ten dollars a day. We targeted the ads to the people to the younger generation who were interested in humor.
How the Contest Worked I set the contest up as the default landing page for anybody who comes to our Facebook page. To see what the contest was, you had to like our page. Then, in order for you to be qualified to enter, there was a little button that said, “Click here to share this contest and enter.” So, you clicked there and up came the text and the 
motion animation pro review I wanted people to share. Basically, the text said, “I just entered to win a $25Amazon gift card from List25,” and then there was a little description and a really cool image. They could also add their custom text if they wanted.

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