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AIWIS Review – Let’s talk with your clients

AIWIS Review – Let’s talk with your clients
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I would say that the only way to safely buy from Yiwu markets is to visit. I have always advised againstpeople going to Yiwu markets to buy products for resale, for several reasons, but there is no doubt that itis possible to buy very profitably there, if continuity of supply is not an issue.Personally, I would not bother going to aiwis review . Here are the main reasons:
One important issue regarding buying at Yiwu is that many of the stallholders sell liquidationstock, and also reject stock. There are two main problems in relation to this. One is thatcontinuity of supply will be impossible. The other is that you may well have a huge number ofreturns from your unhappy customers.
The place is so big that it is mind boggling. The market covers 1,000 acres and has mostly smallmanufacturers and merchants renting 70,000 stalls. That is a lot of ground to cover on foot.
You would need to hire an interpreter. Having been required to use a translator in my exportingdays when I was selling product to China, I can tell you that it puts you under a seriousdisadvantage. There is a big risk that they may say in English something quite different to whatthe vendor says in Chinese. That relates to prices in particular. They may quote you much morethan what the merchant wants, and then handle the transaction for you, pocketing the difference.Also, you don't know if the interpreter has a commission arrangement with a number of vendorsand thus steers you in their direction.
Many of the stalls resemble Middle Eastern bazaars, resulting in brain overload from theconstant bombardment of vast quantities, varieties, and colors, increasing the risk of makingregrettable decisions.
If you buy from multiple stores at Yiwu, you would either have to carry them away with you,and organize freight, or you can arrange with the Yiwu Fair owners to use the market's freightconsolidation system to organize shipment for you. They will consolidate orders from severalstallholders for you, thereby saving freight, but you have very little control. Your interpreter hasto guide you through that process. Total freight cost will be unknown until you complete allpurchases and the consolidation process, but it will be a lot less than paying for each shipmentseparately
Purchasing decisions and payments must be made on the spot unless the vendor speaks goodenough English for you to continue communicating via email or phone after you return home.
Prices will be mostly quoted in Renminbi (Yuan).
If someone is determined to visit the market for purchasing, they should search the website first andidentify the aiwis review and stall numbers they want to visit. Allow at least 2 days if visiting only 6 to 8preselected vendors. Allow at least 4 days to a week if browsing.
16.5 Visiting Potential Suppliers.Part or even the sole purpose of your travel could be to visit possible suppliers. You should try to timeyour trip to coincide with a trade show. Before arranging your trip, you should locate possible suppliers.You can do this by various means described in Chapter 12.Ask if they are planning to exhibit, and if so tell them you will visit them at the show. If they are notexhibiting, arrange to see them during your stay in their city. Allow plenty of time betweenappointments, because travel times in Chinese cities and in Taipei can be very much more than youwould expect if you estimate time based on distance.When you leave your hotel to visit suppliers, trade shows, or even to go sightseeing, always take someof the hotel’s business cards with you to show to taxi drivers, otherwise you may wander in a strangecity for days before finding your way back to the hotel.
16.6 Business Cards.The exchange of business cards is an important ceremony in Chinese society and should not beneglected when visiting Chinese businesses. If you are planning a serious sourcing trip, you should takea supply of business cards. They should be printed in English on one side and in Chinese on the other.Having a business card printed in Chinese will impress suppliers and they will take you more seriously.When a card is handed to you, keep it in your hand. Don’t put it straight in your pocket, wallet or for theladies, your handbag. It is acceptable to place it on the coffee table. You should return the compliment ofbeing given a card by handing the person one of yours.If you really want to impress, you could have one set printed in Mandarin and another in Cantonese, butto use these effectively you would need to research and ascertain which dialect is used in the variousChinese cities you plan on visiting. This benefit can also apply to emails. You could have your signaturesection translated into aiwis review and using that will also impress. It is satisfactory to use only Mandarin,which is the more commonly used dialect nationwide, being one of the official languages, but Cantoneseis spoken by most people in Hong Kong.

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