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Video Bookmarker 2.0 Review – Hundreds of links to page 1 of Google

Video Bookmarker 2.0 Review – Hundreds of links to page 1 of Google

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Here are some facts you need to remember about writing video bookmarker 2.0 review . All you need know about any topic, all the information you need to write any article is already FOUND free on the internet. This is a very important thing to remember. Because it means anyone can craft an article about any topic using information already on the internet.
If you know your topic well, then you can just go ahead and write it from knowledge in your head. If you don’t, then this simple article formula will reveal simple proven steps you can use today to write articles FAST. Here’s a quick overview of the process. First you pick an article title, spend 5- 10 minutes to do a quick research, then you outline your article.
After that you spend 10 – 30 minutes to generate the article. All the tools, templates and strategies needed to achieve this are revealed in this guide. Now, here’s how to do it, step by step. For example, is I am writing an article titled- how to catch rats without traps, I can introduce the article with this line. This short article reveals a proven way to catch and eliminate rats and other dangerous rodents in your home without using traps.
After reading this article, you won’t need to waste money on expensive traps. Then after the introduction, just type or fill out the words and sentences need for each step. Explain each step. Or flesh out each point presented in the article. This should be from the research you have made …or if you know the topic, from the information you have in your head.
From my experience, article with steps or video bookmarker 2.0 review are the easiest to write. This is because you are only working on one step at a time. Or one item at a time. Articles with steps and lists, also guide you from straying from the heart of the article. It forces you to fulfil the promise made in the article title. A good example is how to bake a cake. Another example is the title of this guide you’re reading. (How to write a brand new article on any topic).
A good example of a list article is …10 things you must know about baking. Or 5 things you must know about writing articles. This is quite different compared to articles without steps and list. But in all, always strive to present your articles in steps and list formats. It makes your job easy. Edit And Polish After you are done with writing the article, the next step is to edit and polish it up.
Editing involves making corrections to grammar and spelling errors. It also involves shortening sentences- making them concise. So check through your work. Correct errors. Read it out loud to yourself and spot places where sentences and paragraphs doesn’t flow. Smoothen out these places. Make your sentences brief and to the point. Trim off unnecessary words. All of these will make your article punchy and valuable to readers. The end.
Other Sure Places To Uncover Article Ideas The strategy to follow here is simply… Look For Popular Questions People Ask In The Niche The best way to find questions people have in any niche is to look for places where people in the niche congregate and talk freely. And these places include: 1. The Online Forum. People speak freely on Online forums hence it is the best place to mine article ideas. So look for an online forum in your niche or on your topic and write about.
To look for online forums in your niche just to go and type “niche forum”. For example if you want to write about video bookmarker 2.0 review, just search for “divorce forum”. This will bring many divorce forums where people who are divorced or planning to divorce, gather to talk freely, share ideas and ask questions about divorce. Go to the search button and search for the following phrases.
“How do I” “What is the solution” “Where can I” “Who can advise me on” “I am frustrated with” “I am in pains” Questions like these reveals needs or problems people have. Take huge notes and discover the different needs, pains, and frustrations people have in the niche. Spend time to read the first post in the treads so you can see questions people habe in the niche. Read the posts and the comments. Pick up problems.
Note down that pains and frustrations. 2. Facebook Groups And Pages Another place to find questions and uncover article ideas is in Facebook groups and pages around your niche or topic. People join groups around their interests. And in these groups they ask questions about the topic. You can write articles answering these questions.
Every topic under the sun has a Facebook group. So go to Facebook and search for a group where prospects in your niche are congregating. Search for the main keywords in your niche to find these groups. Request to join the group, when you are accepted, dig in and start looking at everything people are asking and saying.
Note; closed groups are usually better because people don’t spam in closed groups. When you are accepted into the group, start noting the various difficulties and problems people talk about. Note down the pain they have. The problems they need solutions for.
Use the search button on the group page to search for questions like … “How do I” “What is the solution” “Where can I” “Who can advise me on” “I am frustrated with” “I am in pains” Questions like these reveals needs or problems people have. Also look out for posts with many comments. If many people talk about something…many people are interested in it. You can just scroll through all the post and comments to see reoccurring problems and needs.
Note them all on a notepad or word processor. See an example below. Use the search bar to find specific niche groups on Facebook. When you find a group you like, request to join. After you get accepted, start searching for needs and problems. This is how to make a search. When you search the group using the phrases above, you’ll find needs, problems and questions you can write about. Here’s a product idea from this.
So look for the Facebook group posts with lots of comments and reactions. Type in different questions….and find the one with lots of people talking. Spend some time to look through and take note of all the problems people have. These problems are article ideas. 3. Popular Blog Post Comment Sections Popular blog and blog posts in your niche or topic reveal article ideas.
Because if people love an article, they will love to read more about it. So if you can find a popular article, you can write you own version or you can add your own opinion or idea to the topic. How do you find popular topics in any niche? Use This is a site that aggregates the most popular articles and resources in any niche.
So go to the site and search for the main keywords in your niche. The site will reveal the most popular article people love in your niche.

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