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eCompare Review – World First 7-Platform Price Comparison Store Builder

eCompare Review – World First 7-Platform Price Comparison Store Builder
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 Select your ecompare review Make sure you select the $79 per month in the middle the “Shopify” Plan. This will reduce your fees per transaction and also has the abandon cart feature. What that is, when someone adds a product to the cart and is about to checkout but doesn’t finish, the system will automatically send them an email to come back and purchase. This can bring in thousands and thousands of extra revenue monthly just from this one feature.
So besides the money you will save from transaction fees and with the abandon cart feature it will pay for itself very quickly. The other features you get are; reporting on your customers and orders which is extremely helpful on seeing what products are selling the best, what website your customers are coming from, what country or area and more. It also includes the ability to add gift cards.
Click CHOOSE THIS PLAN Remove Password from ecompare review By default your website will have a password on it. So if you try to go to your sites domain, if will ask you for a password to continue, not just you but anyone visiting, so make sure you remove this once your site is ready 2. Removing password Click PREFERENCES, uncheck “password protect”, click SAVE You can now refresh your domain and your store should be live.
Upload Logo Click upload logo, set the pixel so it looks the right size in your site, you can preview in the window. Click SAVE when done. You can also view how your site looks on desktop, tablet or mobile on the lower left hand corner. To post or not to Post Click BLOG POSTS, check the generic blog post they have then click BULK ACTIONS, then DELETE BLOG POSTS, If you want to add blog posts about your store, you can add them here as well, just click ADD BLOG POST 4.
Add page Title and Description You Will be adding the Following page: • Privacy Policy • Contact Us • Terms of Service • About Us It is very important you add each of these pages as Facebook, Google etc will require them to advertise on their platform. Do a quick search online for example, “privacy policy generator” or “Terms of Service Generator” etc.
There is another section in Shopify I will show you in another section that shows how to auto generate them as well on their platform. Click SAVE 5. Delete Home Page You don’t have to use this page if you don’t want to, just check the ecompare review , go under BULK ACTIONS, then DELETE PAGES. Click SAVE Editing options This is for the footer menu, I put all my contact us, privacy policy etc at the bottom of my site.
To do this, add a menu item, Name the item the page, such as Contact us, then link will be for that page, then match the link to the actual page, so this would be the contact page. Do this for all the options seen here. Click SAVE MENU. Same thing will apply to your main menu navigation. The one at the top of your site. You can add page such as Pets, Sports, Shoes , etc.
How to set up your domain: As mentioned before in a previous section, I would suggest doing a generic store, something you can sell anything just like Amazon does. So when thinking of a domain name, go with something catch but generic like Storeville, vs Sweet Hamster Toys. 5. Finish domain set up In this section you will finish your URL setup. Select the main domain you will be using first, then click redirect all traffic to there.
Your status will turn green if everything is set up properly with your domain company. Click SAVE . Fill out fields, click SAVE Here you will enter info about your business such as the Store name, email address, address etc. You’ll need to have a method to set up to collect payments in your store. Right now Shopify payments are only set up for businesses in the USA.

But you can use one of their other payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize net , etc. There’s many to choose from. What I do, I use Paypal in conjunction with another processor. So I use Shopify Payments and Paypal. This gives the customer the option to choose.

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