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LetClicks Review – 100,000+ clicks on an image post

LetClicks Review – 100,000+ clicks on an image post
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Welcome to Simple letclicks review and in this revolutionary report I am going to be revealing one of my main sources of traffic to bank $1 ,500 days with CPA offers. First i'm going to show you a tool to pulling out the right targets to go after. And then I will show you how to steal traffic from super targeted websites once you find the right target.
So let's get right into the action Step 1 First thing is to signup for Google Adwords. No, this is not about buying traffic from google adwords. We just want to pull the data from google and use it to legally steal traffic. When you setup your Free adwords account lets build out a new campaign. Click on type drop down menu and choose Display Network. Add in 1 0 budget and click next These website are using good adwords to show ads.
And you can see the amount of traffic these websites are getting. 500,000 is a ridiculous amount of traffic these sites are getting. Step 2 Now I want to show you how to use these website and legally steal their traffic without using Google adwords. Once you understand this part you do this for any niche you want. We will stick with the Fat Loss niche, and will find CPA offers that work with that niche.
Now that you have the websites picked out from the Google Adwords tool in step 1 . You want to get started with PPV networks. Millions of people each day will download a very small piece of code to there computer, usually to get a free gift in return. That code will then be able to pop up banners on the users computers. Yes its those annoying ads that popup when we least expect them.
PPV networks control a huge amount traffic on top of the letclicks review  we chose before. The traffic you can pick up from PPV networks is usually between 1 ­ 2 cents, $.001 . So cheap and there is a massive amount of it. 1 Cent Highly Targeted Traffic is the best and only traffic you should be spending your money on. All the marketing pros use PPV traffic, yet so many others just don't understand how to get this traffic work. Let’s jump into networks. Traffic Vance is the best of the best when it comes to PPV networks. They have the best traffic but also require a little work to get started with them.
This networks requires a $1 ,000 deposit and a referral to get in. If this is the network you want to go with, just ask your affiliate manager inside your CPA networks to give you the referral. Let your affiliate manager know you are serious about driving a ton of traffic to your offers with trafficvance.
If you follow this plan you will have no problem getting accepted. Lead Impact has been my traffic source for years. They have good traffic and compete very well with trafficvance. You will be required to drop $1 ,000 deposits inside of Leadimpact, but there is no referral requirement. DirectCPV is another PPV network but the traffic is not as good. Its a low entry of $1 00, but I feel you get what you pay for letclicks review.

The entry of $1 00 will go toward your advertising costs. Step 3 For this example I will be using Leadimpact and Pure asian garcinia from Peerfly.

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