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Those are the types of things that people will pay for – especially fears and problems. People want to solve those issues and are most likely willing to pay for it.
Example: Green Exam Academy With the LEED Exam site, the problem people had was not understanding the content needed to pass this exam. People were willing to pay money to get that information that would help them get from point A to point B a faster.
Research If you come up with an idea, see what other sites are out there already talking about that same subject. See what they are doing to monetize or if they’re having problems monetizing. If they are, then maybe that’s not the best thing to get into.
Benefiting from the Competition On the other hand, maybe they’re crushing it and there’s room in the market for you. I wouldn’t let other sites out there scare you. I would actually take that as a good sign because that means there’s a market out there for what you want to talk about. You can go to those competitors and see what’s missing. See what their audience is asking for and use that when you build your own brand. Fill in the instantazon pro review . That way you will really stand out from the crowd.
Keywords Keyword research plays a huge role, probably more so for niche sites. Use a free tool like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to type in some potential ideas and see how many people are searching for those ideas as well. That way, you can get an idea of what topics are popular by understanding what topics people are searching for in Google.
Another Method If you go to Google and just type in your keyword, obviously, you’ll find stuff that way. But you can get a little bit more ninja with it. You can type in “blog:” and then you’re niche and then find a list of all the blogs that talk about that subject. You can also type in “forum:” and then you’re list and then you’ll find a whole list of forums that talk about your specific niche. The nice thing about forums is that people are in there every day looking for advice. So when you go to forums in the same niche that you might be interested in blogging about, you can see what people need help with. Find the critical questions that you can answer in blog posts.
Post Ideas There’s no such thing as posting a wrong blog post. If you’re just starting out now, you can look at forums or Twitter. If you know about your subject, you’re going to have an idea of what people are going to want to read about. Another trick you can use is to go to and look up books that are related to your subject. Some of the books allow you to look inside the cover and see the table of contents. That’s a great way to understand the different topics in your niche that people are actually interested in reading about. A lot of these authors will spend millions of dollars trying to figure out what the best kind of things are to put in their book and you can kind of feed off of that. Obviously, you don’t want to copy these things verbatim, but use it as inspiration as far as what can be used on your blog. That’s a great tip that I like to use if I’m stuck for what instantazon pro review to write about.
Pat’s Post Ideas Because I have a big audience, it’s really easy for me to determine what they want to read about. I simply ask them, “What do you need help with?” For example, one of my emails in my email newsletter asks my audience what they want me to write about. That gives me a lot of good ideas about what I should write about, because honestly a lot of the content that I put out now is an answer to specific question.
The Parts of a Post
Headline People aren’t going to read your posts if your headline isn’t attention-grabbing or magnetic. This is especially true if your post gets shared on Facebook and Twitter. The headline is what they’re going to see first. If that’s not interesting, people are not going to read your content. Your content can be the best content in the world, but if your headline sucks, then no one is going to read the content.
There are a lot of tricks that you can do to make the headline stand out. Ask a question in the headline, for instance. Also include some keywords in there as well, because Google looks at the title of the posts when deciding where to rank a page.
Body You want to make the lead paragraph very interesting. You want to really entice them to read further. If you start out with something boring, then people are going to leave. I like to start out my posts with a quote, a story, or just some interesting facts. You’ll also want to divide your posts into sections. A lot of people just write huge blocks of text. It looks like an essay. But people aren’t going to read that. When you read online, you scan the information. You look at bolded text. You look at the various headlines within the posts to see what’s interesting. To be honest, I don’t read every single word of every single post that I come across. I look for the parts that stand out. So I would use different headlines within your 
instantazon pro review to break sections down. This is a tip I got from Derek Halpern from write your paragraphs to be a maximum of two or three sentences. Blogging is different than writing an essay. You’re actually talking to people through your text. When you talk to someone, you give them breaks to consume the sentences that you give them. If you look at, you’ll see that most of the paragraphs are just one or two sentences. That helps the reader get through the content a little faster and it’s just easier on the eye. It also it helps them get further down in the post. This is a little mind trick: the further down you can get someone in a post, the more likely they are to continue reading. That way, they’ll be more invested in the post. They’ll think, “I’m already this far through, so I might as well keep reading.” So actually another trick is to use images in your post. If you embed an image in the upper right hand corner of your post, that squishes some of the text that you have in the left hand side so that actually gets them further down the page quicker

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