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Video Matrix Review –A tool that makes your incredible videos

Video Matrix Review –A tool that makes your incredible videos

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Visiting Trade Shows.By visiting sites such as and video matrix review you can findhundreds of shows listed, not only in China, Hong Kong, etc., but also USA, UK, Europe, and manyother countries. It may take you some time to sort through them, but you are sure to find shows where
products of interest to you will be exhibited. Even in your home country, there are likely to be a numberof shows of interest, with exhibitors from various countries, and this could be a good starting point foryou if you do not want to outlay the considerable (tax deductible) cost of traveling overseas whilestarting your importing business. But if you want to see as many manufacturing exhibitors as possible, itis usually best to visit shows in the manufacturing countries.For those who can afford the time and money to take a trip to China I would highly recommend it.Nothing can beat face to face contact with potential suppliers.There are a few things potential importers need to know before going to trade fairs in China:
Trade fairs can be mind boggling. The vast video matrix review range will fill your head with ideas, so youneed to make sure you take detailed notes, as well as collecting catalogs.
Be prepared to spend two or three days at a fair. They are massive.
Always contact exhibitors well before you travel. Deal with them via email as though you werenot going to China. You should have narrowed down the field before you go. Do let them knowyou are coming to the fair.
DON'T commit yourself on the day, unless you have had plenty of prior contact with thesupplier. Your mind will be in a whirl and after committing yourself you may find a product orsupplier a few stalls away that will be much better for your business.
Don't accept any statement that the supplier you are talking to is really a manufacturer. Just asyou will find happens on B2B sourcing portals, many trade fair exhibitors claim to bemanufacturers but are not.
Allow time to visit other suppliers that you may have previously contacted, who are notexhibiting. China is a big country so plan your trip and in particular all the internal travelcarefully.
Make your travel and accommodation bookings early. Check with the fair organizers to see ifthey have special deals with any hotels. When you leave your hotel take the hotel’s business cardwith you to help taxi drivers understand where you want to go at the end of the day.
Remember that Chinese business people have a different concept of the word "Yes". To them itcan mean maybe, perhaps, possibly, probably, no, or even yes. They are not being dishonest,they are just trying to please, and to them, saying no is impolite.
This may seem out of place but it is worth considering visiting trade fairs in your own country.Depending on the industry sector featured, there will often be many overseas exhibitors
Don't want to travel to trade shows?Check out the inexpensive guide for tips on getting nearly all the benefits ofattending trade shows WITHOUT actually attending!If you do want to go to shows, first look for those being held in Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai and HongKong. As a general rule, most of the exhibitors in these cities will be manufacturers, but use thesuggestions I made in Chapter 12 to work out which exhibitors are manufacturers. Many of theexhibitors at shows outside Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are only agents and thisparticularly applies to similar shows in Europe, USA, and Singapore.Two world famous trade fairs that attract thousands of visitors are widely recommended on forums. The
Canton Fair is held twice a year and the Yiwu Fair is permanent.I do not recommend that you attend the Canton Fair unless you have carefully sorted through theexhibitors and contacted those of interest well in advance of the fair date. You still need to check themout to be sure that they are a business that you want to deal with.Allow at least 2 days to visit each stage of the Canton Fair. It could take 3 or 4 days. The fair usuallyruns over 2 weeks for all stages, but you might only be interested in products exhibited at one or two ofthe stages.Many people have asked me about the merits of visiting the Yiwu Trade Fair. This fair operatescontinuously and is popular with people who go there to find one-off bargains. They have a website
video matrix review. Many, if not most, of the product descriptions on their website are invery poor English. The site is not user friendly.There are a number of agents offering to act as an intermediary for people to buy online, with fees aslow as 1%. The big problem with using an agent is that it is difficult and maybe impossible to know howreliable they are. If a price has not been advertised online, are they bumping up the price to also get acommission from the vendor?Will they be conscientious about quality control and risk not getting a commission if they reject thegoods? Will they handle small orders? Some of the prices seem extremely low, but in other cases theyare a lot higher than quotes I have seen recently from suppliers on HKTDC or you are visiting the fair or sourcing online it is impossible to ascertain whether or not you aredealing with manufacturers. That may not be such a problem if the prices are exceptionally low, butthose low prices may be due to the product consisting of reject stock, or closeouts. Continuity of supplywill not be possible in those cases. Many vendors have MOQs, some of them substantial.Few of the vendors have adequate English skills, so anyone wanting to buy from will
have to use an agent. It is not as bad as Taobao, which is admittedly more for consumer sales. TheTaobao site is only available in Chinese or an awful English translation, and I recommend you avoid it.It is very risky.

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