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VidEntice Review – The First Direct Video Call-to-action Maker Ever

VidEntice Review – The First Direct Video Call-to-action Maker Ever
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On behalf of your ‘soon-to-be’ ENTHRALLED fans, thank you for yourinvestment.I know you’ll want to print this out and take it somewhere quiet, pen in handso you can really focus and make notes as fresh ideas and inspiration strikeswhile you’re reading this.And you’re absolutely right to do that because your business deserves thatkind of attention to detail.So to help you out, at the end of each module I’ve provided some handyspace for notes.
But listen I know what you’re thinking and it’s not somekind of sneaky ploy just to bulk out the number of pages in this book.Without the notes, the actual number of pages comes to at least 30 pagesof no-fluff, no-filler, 100% pure and valuable content.Ok, so now everything’s fair and upfront? Great.
Let’s get cracking… Create Raving Fans What if you could practically guarantee that not only your subscribers rush to open your emails without hesitation, but they actually look forward to them as much as they crave the next episode of their favorite TV show? As you probably know by now, list building is THE KEY to growing your digital business, but it takes a bit of time and effort to get all the pieces in the right place.
And most people aren't even aware of a fundamental element that is so important, without it, an email list can often result in failure. So what I'm going to teach you right now can be used to improve your relationship with your subscribers, turn them into raving fans and increase your open rates, which can ultimately result in more sales.
The 'Admirable Spokesperson' Today you're going to learn how to create an 'admirable spokesperson', a persona or figurehead that your email list will engage with, respond to, identify with, get to know, like, trust, admire and aspire to be like. But a disclaimer; it shouldn't be a facade. The key thing here is to match yourself with the elements that connect with your market, and if you can legitimately embody ​videntice review , then you'll create an immediate bond.
Being legitimate is key here, don't just make stuff up, people will see through that, so instead find the parts of your personality, and the parts of your journey, that align with your customers. Your 'admirable spokesperson' will become their trusted advisor, a friendly face they can rely on, and someone they know is fighting in their videntice review , supporting them and encouraging them.
It's a persona that attracts customers and lets you build a following on any kind of platform you can think of, YouTube, social media, email, it doesn't matter what kind of technology you're using, and it doesn't matter what kind of business model you use, you're creating a character who gets the same results that people in your niche want to replicate. It's the person they would rather be.
So where might you have seen this in videntice review? Well, one of the most famous examples I can point to is Jared the Subway guy. Before Subway shared Jared's story, how he lost weight by eating their sandwiches, Subway were just another run-of-the-mill fast food joints. When Jared came along, the company suddenly had an 'admirable spokesperson' that people could identify with, and aspire to be like because if he could lose weight by just eating Subway sandwiches, then maybe they could too.
Obviously this set the business apart from the competition, and demonstrates the impact that using an 'admirable spokesperson' can have. So there are three components you need to create your 'admirable spokesperson'. ? Elements ? Identity ? Storyline You need all three of these to make this work, but don't worry, it's really to do.Module One: Elements Let's go through the first component, Elements..
which are broken down into eight essential parts: ? Backstory ? Values ? Parables ? Flaws ? Polarity ? Vulnerability ? Magic Powers ? Secret Language Now let's go through each and how you can use them. Backstory The first element of creating an 'admirable spokesperson' is to give your persona a backstory. This is vitally important if you want to become relatable to your audience.
When your followers know where you've come from, to know where you started from, which just might happen to be a similar place to where they are right now, then they will relate to you and want to follow you so they can see similar results. This is a hook, so if you create a path for people to follow, they will. But your backstory has to be relevant to whatever problem you're helping your audience to solve.
So if you're selling weight loss stuff, then your backstory would focus on the period of your life before you got in shape. Now, what happens if you're in a niche that you don't have a backstory for? Maybe you have limited experience or well, you're just in that niche because the numbers look good and you're confident you can make a healthy profit? That's ok too because you don't need any experience, you don't need a background in your niche, you can just use somebody else's backstory instead. 
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