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Always make sure the cost of customs clearance work is included in a freight company’s door-to-doorservice before placing orders overseas or you could be in for a very nasty and very expensive surprise.Unless arranging shipment through a freight forwarder, insist that your supplier pre-pay, not only thedoor-to-door freight, but also the customs clearance charges. That payment will not include any duty ortaxes, which will be paid by the broker, forwarder, courier, or postal service at the time of clearance andwill be collected from you before they will hand over the goods. Always get quotes in writing for
everything that you are going to pay for freight, customs clearance work, or any other service.Pre-payment of freight by your supplier can eliminate a massive risk. The risk involves deception byfreight company sales representatives. I have often seen this scam used on importers who have decidedto pay for freight on arrival of the goods in the xidio video templates review .This is how it works:
You ask the freight company Sales Representative for a quote for the consignment you intendimporting.
They quote you a very good price. As a novice, you trust them and do not get a firm quote in
writing. They will usually procrastinate about providing written confirmation of the quote.Meanwhile you don’t want delay, so you set the order process in motion, and you have soonreached the point of no return.
When the goods arrive, you are informed that you have to pay a massive freight and clearingcharge before your goods will be released.
You dispute the charge, but the Sales Representative claims you misunderstood. You may evenhave the notes you made at the time, but they will not be sufficient proof.
You either pay the exorbitant freight charge or they take possession of your entire shipment(which you have already paid for) and sell it at auction. They may add insult to injury by suingyou for the difference between the amount realized at auction and the freight amount theycharged. They will probably even add storage charges.
Meanwhile, the Sales Representative enjoys his/her big commission.A smaller scale, but even more common scam involves failing to include surcharges and trans-shipmentcharges in the quote. Make sure your written xidio video templates review includes any surcharges. To be safe, you should insistthat the quote states that all surcharges payable have been included.
If goods are sent to you on a “freight collect” basis without any prior written quote from the carrier,
you will usually pay crippling schedule rates. [See 33.16].
Note: Freight may be quoted in “Cubic Tons.” This means you will be charged according to a formulathat calculates a cubic ton by multiplying length times width times height of a parcel. By this method, ½ton weight of feathers would be charged as about 1000 cubic tons, and the freight would cost manytimes more than the value of the feathers. When you ask your supplier to quote a price for the items,always ask for details regarding packaging.If you are paying the freight yourself and not having the freight pre-paid by the supplier, you need toknow the weight of the package and the dimensions.When requesting a quote for freight, you must tell the freight company or freight forwarder the weightand the dimensions, as well as the number of packages. Then read the quote carefully to see if you arebeing quoted in cubic tons. If you are, you need to have them tell you in writing how many cubic tonsthe shipment will be. That is the only way you will know the real freight cost before it lands at your seaport or airport.
Product Size Is Important. Feathers may be an extreme example, but lightweight items can cost you
more to freight than heavy xidio video templates review. For example, if importing watches, you will fit 100 of them in a smallparcel, weighing about 22 lbs. (10 kg). In the case of plastic toys, you may only fit one or two in thatsame size parcel, so you will probably be charged on a cubic ton basis. Result: air freight for plastic toysis prohibitively expensive, so you must use sea freight with its long delays (6-8 weeks or even more.)Watches can be air freighted at a very low cost per item relative to their value.
Side Note Regarding Storage: The size of the product you choose will also have a substantial effect onthe amount of storage space you will need.

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