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At the moment, I don’t do too many collaborations on YouTube. That’s simply because I have a pretty nice following right now. But partnerships played a big role when I was developing a project in the magic niche, selling magic tricks. To kick start the process we started leaving comments on the videos of the key players in the niche on YouTube. Eventually, we asked them for an interview. There’s this one guy who had maybe 10,000 YouTube subscribers. On top of his 10,000 YouTube subscribers, he had 30,000 email subscribers, which is pretty cool. So we thought, “Ok, let’s see if we can interview this guy.” So we asked him for an interview and immediately he replied to us, “I would love to do an interview. You’re the first person to ever ask me.” That person later became one of our key promotion partners for our pitch by dropmock review . We just rinsed and repeated that process for a number of other big players on YouTube. Some people didn’t have an email list, but they had 30,000 YouTube subscribers. This one guy we interviewed really loved the interview and he posted it to his own channel. So instantly we got audience with 30,000 of his subscribers. It gave us an instant spike in views and subscribers on YouTube – and hence traffic and leads, because of the way that we set up the system. So, joint venture partnerships are very, very powerful and developing them is probably the most effective strategy that you can apply.
VIDEO SEO It all starts with a bit of keyword research. Try to find keywords that people are already searching for, so that you know there’s demand for that keyword or that keyword phrase. I ask myself the question, “What would people type in naturally to find the kind of content in my video?” So, I would type in whatever comes naturally into the search box on YouTube and see what comes up for the suggestions. That gives me just 
pitch by dropmock review  of what people are already searching for.Next, I go to the YouTube search keyword tool. It’s different than the Google Keyword search tool, because people search differently on YouTube than they do on Google.
On-Page Optimization Once I have my main keyword phrase decided on, I throw that in at the beginning of my title. I throw it in the description area as well, among other nice, organic content. Then inside your tags, you will have that as your first keyword phrase as well, alongside other keyword phrases. But put your main one right at the 
pitch by dropmock review. That’s really simple, basic stuff, but a lot of people don’t do it. So, if you do it, you’re going to be the hit of the crowd already.
Off-Page Optimization The key word here is backlinking. Create high quality backlinks to your videos on YouTube for the keyword phrases that you want to rank for. I’ll give you an example. Recently, someone approached me who was running a very, very successful blog who had a page rank of seven. You don’t see that too often. That means the site gets a ton of traffic and is very authoritative. They said, “Gideon, can you create some videos for us we want to throw on our site?” I haven’t gone through that yet, but if they were to embed one of my videos on their site it essentially creates a PR7 backlink to my video. In turn, YouTube and Google will then notice and they will say, “There’s something happening here. There’s this big, authority site that’s giving this video a vote of confidence. So therefore it must be valuable.” I’m not an SEO expert, so I don’t know all the details about that, but I do know that if a high-page ranking website embeds your video, your chance of getting ranked in higher in Google and in YouTube is very good.
Backlinks through Your Own Blog Backlinking comes part and parcel with a strategy that I teach. When you build your own authority video blog and you embed your YouTube video on your video blog, you can create a high-quality backlink to your own video on YouTube.
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