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a) Firstly, introduce the cash beyond words review and explain who it is for.b) Take the viewer on a walk-through of the benefits of the product so they clearlyunderstand what they would gain from having the product themselves.c) If you have purchased the product yourself explain how it has benefited you.d) Show them and take them through the salespage for the product,t so that this givesthem an idea of what to expect and helps warm them up to the idea of making apurchase.This is very quick and easy to do if you create slides using Powerpoint or Open Office- use bullet points and images of the product and sales page for visual effect as youtalk.e) Add a call to action, this simply means telling the viewer what you would like themto do next i.e.
tell them to click on the link below (which will be in the video descriptionsection, see below) to find out more or receive a bonus report for example. Finally,remind them about what they will get and the benefits and repeat the call to actionagain. STEP 3: Set Up Your YouTube ChannelIf you don't already have a YouTube account you will need to set one up, go and click on the 'sign in' button - it's completely free to join. Once you have created an account upload your video to your cash beyond words review.Next you will need to configure your video: Once you have uploaded your video to your Channel you will need to configure thesettings in the "Info and Settings" tab.1) Leave the Video as 'Unlisted'2) Enter the title for your video - be sure to include the product name which is yourmain keyword.In this case you should only be using keywords that target the product you arepromoting and contain the product name.
For example, [product name review] or[product name bonus], this ensures that your traffic is going to be highly targeted tothose people who are searching for information about the product.If a product has a high score factor on King of the Zoo then it stands to reason thatpeople are searching for and buying this product. By using the product name plus'review', or 'bonus' after it means that searchers are going to see your video andbecause they are already searching for that product they are much more likely to goahead and make a purchase.In short, you are honing in on people searching for that particular product.3) You will also need to include the product name in the description box as well as alink to your website or bonus page so that customers can click on link.4) In the tags section you should also include your product name keywords as thisfurther strengthens the seo value of your video.5) Under the 'Advanced' settings tab leave all the boxes unchecked except for 'AllowEmbedding' which you can leave checked.6) Select your "cash beyond words review" from the drop down menu.Don't forget to Save your changes.
STEP 4: Create a Free BonusOffering a free bonus to your viewers is an excellent way to entice people to click onyour affiliate link. Everybody loves something for nothing and so a bonus willstrengthen your offer. Think of it like this: if two affiliates are promoting the sameproduct but one is offering a bonus free report then naturally the affiliate with the offeris more likely to make the sale - it's the law of nature.A bonus can be as simple as a short report, ebook or email marketing series.

If youdon't have one to hand go to a Private Label Rights sites such as IDplr( where you can download free plr products if you register. Youcan then use these as your bonus offer as long as it is relevant to the product you arepromoting.

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