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Super Niche Video Templates Review – Should You Buy It?

Super Niche Video Templates Review – Should You Buy It?
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Super Niche Video Templates Review

Our business has changed radically because of private label and I wantyours to do the same. I am excited to have teamed up with Jenni Hunt to provide this Private Label mentoring program. Jenni left her high tech marketing position in the Silicon Valley when her oldest son was born in 1999.
You may know Jenni from the popular Holiday Toy Guide (published since 2004) and the Private Niche Groups. She started selling books on Amazon in 2002 and quickly moved to eBay... then back to include Amazon again a few years ago – all along researching trends and staying on top of the online selling markets.
Jenni has mastered how to apply her marketing skills and experience to her Super Niche Video Templates Review and has a passion for helping others do the same. She is gifted to help others think outside of the box and brings a unique perspective to the mentoring program. Since launching this program back in April of 2015 we have been blessed to have helped a lot of sellers like yourself launch their own private label products.
What You Can Expect We have broken down the process of Private Label the Easy Way into bite size lessons. To get the most out of the mentoring program, we really want toencourage you to complete the assignments – even if they may not seem to relate to you or your business. *Important* Be sure to complete the assignments at the end of each lesson.
The exercises are designed to: • Help build community in the group • Provide accountability to you • Get you thinking about your business in a new way • Help us know how we can better mentor you in this process The Private Label Mentoring Program has 6 Modules with a number of lessons in each. Here is what we will be covering in Module 1: The Why of Private Label andHow to Plan for Your Private Label Journey Finally – Each lesson will follow the same Super Niche Video Templates Review.
There will be an introduction/Forward followed by the body of the lesson itself. Remember, each lesson will end with an assignment for you to complete. You will get the most out of this course by finishing the assignment before starting the next lesson. It's your turn. Go to the Facebook group and share your story. It is inspiring to put it out on “paper” and it encourages others in their journey too.
Again, we look forward to working with you and are excited to get to know you. That's it! Regards, Ryan Reger with Jenni Hunt, Jim Cockrum, and Brett Bartlett PL the Easy Way Mentoring Program Coming Up Next... In Lesson #2 we are going to discuss the harder way vs. the easier way to private label...
IntroductionYou made it to the second lesson! Most lessons are designed to allow you to take a single bite at a time... and then give you some time to chew on it before the next lesson. These first few lessons give you a bit of background that you may or may not know. We want to get everyone on the same Super Niche Video Templates Review before we really dive into the meat of the program...
if you are frustrated with the slower pace right now – hold on! We promise to get to the filet mignon of this soon. :) Today's lesson discusses the “easy” way – which is the method we are using for this program... versus the “harder” way. Your Lesson... Private Label Explained Most of you probably have at least an idea of what Private Label is since you signed up for this program, but to help reinforce it for newbies, it's essentially having your own brand of an item.
Some may refer to private label for products and product lines they create from scratch; however, in most cases, private label is referring to an item thatalready exists that you simply put your own brand/name on. Some call this white label as well. I use the terms interchangeably. In my book, Private Label the Easy Way, I refer to Red Gold as an example. Red Gold is a tomato company in Indiana and a former colleague of mine works there.
I remember doing a factory tour with him many years ago and him explaining that they produce products for other brands. Little did I know then that private label would be a business model I would eventually get into. Ketchup is the example I used in the book, but there are probably millions of examples.
Go into any grocery store and they will most likely have their own brand of items. Kroger is a popular grocery store in Texas as is HEB. They both have their own brands of popular items such as canned goods or ice cream. Does Kroger have a green bean farm or their own creamery? Probably not. More than likely they are getting those products from the same factories and farms as brands like Green Giant or Breyers and putting the “Kroger” label on them.
With Private Label you can do the exact same thing. Let's say you want to private label a brand of cookie sheets. You don't have to lease space and buy the equipment that will turn aluminum or whatever metal is used for cookie sheets into a mold to mass produce your own item. In other words...
you don't have to recreate the wheel and spend thousands – if not more – on creating your product! You simply need to find a company that is already manufacturing or importing cookie sheets and approach them about having them make their same product...only with your packaging.
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