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Forums Create Community The forum has been huge. It adds a community element to the membership site. People get in there and they get to know each other. They ask questions. They find out that, “I asked this question and somebody responded within an hour. This is awesome. I love this forum.” That’s been huge for keeping people around.
Point System I added a game element to my membership site. Basically, it gives members points for watching videos, commenting on videos, commenting in the forum, referring a friend, and even just for logging in. The members can actually go through, be really active in the site, and then turn around and use these points to pay for plugins and pay for themes. There’s also a leader board on the site now, so you can actually see who the most active people are by how many points they have. People want to see their name up there on the leaderboard on the sidebar of the membership site. That has actually been a really huge factor. But I haven’t actually seen anybody else implement it yet. The funny thing is nobody ever turns around and redeems their points for the plugins or themes. They just want to build up the points and see themselves get higher and higher on the leaderboard.
Game Software I use a free plugin called local seo ninja review . That actually manages the whole point system. You go in there and say, “I want to earn this many points for commenting. I want to earn this many points for logging in.”
Stay in Contact Just keeping them engaged is huge. I do a weekly newsletter. Every single Wednesday, all of my members get a newsletter that says, “Hey, here are some tips. Here’s the latest video on the site. Here’s what’s going on inside the forum.”
If you’re just adding new videos every week, but people aren’t logging in every week, then they don’t know about the new value and they won’t stay around.
Give the People What They Want Get to the forum. Keep an eye on the things they are talking about. Respond to them in the forum every once and a while and make content based around the questions that they’re asking. If they see that they’re asking questions and next week, all of a sudden, there’s a training video on the exact question they just asked, that kind of stuff keeps them around. That’s huge.
Changing Business Models One 
local seo ninja review that I think we’re going to start to see is actually what Josh and I are doing with our Beyond The Hype membership site. You’re going to start seeing more and more people creating membership sites that are based around products. With Beyond The Hype, for example, we have a membership site, but every little piece of the membership site is being sold on its own as well. Every little piece of that membership site is an individual product with its own sales page. Think of Groupon where every day there’s a new product in there, there’s a new deal for you. Well, imagine if Groupon said that for $37 a month, you could have access to every new product that comes up. People would go crazy. Everybody would pay that $37 a month to be part of that membership site and to get every single deal that goes through there. That’s kind of the concept that we’re working on with Beyond The Hype. There’s a new deal constantly in there, but if you pay this membership fee, you get every single new deal that comes through the local seo ninja review. We think it’s going to be really big. We’ve actually talked to other people who have had similar ideas. It’s weird how the market moves together. You see a lot of people having similar ideas without actually talking to each other.

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