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SociTrafficJet Review – An Automatic Real Unlimited Traffic Generator

SociTrafficJet Review – An Automatic Real Unlimited Traffic Generator
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Complex or Simple? I like simplicity but in some cases, complexity may suit what they’re trying to convey. As long as the user can navigate easily, quickly, and find the information they need, then that’s the website working.
The Role of Personal Design Style Most designers, whether they know it not, have a way of working and a “look or style” to their work. As an example, some designers may have a very illustrative style and they’ll like working in that socitrafficjet review and that will directly influence the end result in some way or another. Personally, I design strategically, with strong ideas and a clear concept. That’s how I try to work with my process. I guess that may influence how my designs look. I like clean, clear, and simple designs. I guess that could be my style but I don’t “try” to enforce this on my projects, because every project is different and requires a different solution. For example, at work I’m working on a brand, which is very grungy, so I need to work in that style. But I could be working on another website where it’s extremely corporate. So you need to adapt yourself to the different needs of the clients.
DESIGNING TO CONVERT Designing to convert can be done through hierarchy, placement and calls to actions. As an example, if you wanted people to follow you on Twitter or could have a subtle CTA (Call to Action) saying “Click here to follow me on Twitter.” You can have that in different places, where it isn’t going to scream over the top of the content – just a subtle reminder to follow you on Twitter. If you do that in a tasteful way, then you will achieve your goal.
Call to Action Design CTA design comes down to hierarchy, space, contrast and color. CTA’s can large or small. As an example, a CTA could be below an article, just after they finish reading. That would be a good place to put a “subscribe now” button. It just depends on what you’re trying to achieve
On my site, I have it in the left sidebar, in the socitrafficjet review, at the end of the articles, and also in the footer of the website. It’s not screaming at you, but it’s always there as a subtle reminder. If you’re at the top of the website, if you’re at the side, and even if you scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page, you’ll still have that subtle little reminder that you can connect with me.
COLOR SCHEMES If the brand already exists, then generally they already have style guide to build from. If you’re creating the brand style guide for them, then that should be done before designing the website.
Branding with Color Branding is something that I work with more on the personal side of my business, through Just Creative Design, rather than at the agency. At the agency, I do mostly interactive design. For branding, I have a questionnaire online that I have the client fill out, so I get a rough idea of what they’re after. Then I can either talk to them on the phone or meet them in person, if they’re here in New York. That’s how I get to know about their business, their goals, and what they’re trying to achieve. Then I work through my branding process. I do research into the industry and their competitors. I do sketching, conceptualizing, and brainstorming. Then, I’ll start working on the computer and create logos, experiment with type, and how the colors work together. I’ll create a color palette that can be used on the 
socitrafficjet review and print. Websites generally have more colors than brand style guides outline, because you need interactive effects. As an example, if you’re using blue for links, you may have a rollover color and an active color, so you’ll probably have three blues.
Color Psychology Every color’s going to have a different meaning to each different person so you really need to hone down your target audience and choose the best color based on what you’re trying to achieve.

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