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Pinflux Review – Build Your Endless Stream of Traffic

Pinflux Review – Build Your Endless Stream of Traffic
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What I’m going to tell you to do might take you out of your pinflux review. We are going to be trying out new types of blog post layouts, blog topics, and possibly tackling some technical issues that are currently beyond your abilities. I’m going to try very hard to separate my blog traffic advice from my monetization efforts. They were somewhat tied together, but they aren’t one in the same.
I will address monetization in a separate post or ebook. Stay tuned for that! One last thing – as we go, I will be giving you some homework to do. There are note pages at the end of this printout for you to take notes on. I suggest you get out your to do list tool of choice (sticky notes, Evernote, etc) because you’ll be getting specific instructions from me throughout the book and also having your own epiphanies about how this advice applies to your specific blog.
When we’re done, you’ll have a huge to-do list – but remember – these changes aren’t meant to be implemented overnight or even in a few days. This is a months long process that you must accomplish bit by bit. I have been told that this ebook is slightly overwhelming (I did cram in a TON of knowledge into pinflux review !), so I recommend reading it through completely once before you start trying to implement anything. This way you’ll get a complete overview before attempting any of the techniques.
Then sit down with a printed version and a pad of paper and read through again slowly, taking notes as you go so you can figure out how each step applies to you. I truly believe these tactics will help no matter what niche your blog is in. So let’s dive right in! If I had to nail down one thing you should do RIGHT NOW, I’d say it’s this. For the longest time (years?), I struggled with this.
I didn’t have a clear focus and couldn’t even nail down my site’s tagline. I wrote about random things that didn’t really tie together, and my content reflected that. Many of my posts were standalone because: A) They weren’t interlinked amongst one another B) Because they truly were alone in that no other posts were like them! This spring, I narrowed my focus into 7 verticals, if you will, and it has done wonders for my traffic.
With the rare exception, all of my posts now fit into one of the following categories: ? Free Printables ? Making Extra Money ? Family Finances (how to create a budget, etc) ? Holidays ? Blogging Tips ? Fun with Kids (my catchall for parenting posts like playdate ideas, family bonding, etc) ? Weight Loss They used to be all those PLUS recipes, meal planning, daily deals, frugality, Black Friday, recipes, and more.
I left all of those others posts on my blog since they bring in a bit of traffic and interweave them occasionally into my narrative, but for the most part I just pretend like I never wrote about them in the first place and have moved on. I urge you to do the same! Let a few of your underperforming categories go and focus on what already does well for you plus test out some other types of content.
You can always change your mind later. Action Step: Take a step back and evaluate your blog. Does it have a clear focus? When someone lands on your homepage, is it obvious what you’re all about? I bet some of you will say yes. In fact, I bet some of you have narrow focuses and won’t even have to do anything for this step. But so many of you are probably just like me.
Flailing around trying to be like others and straying from what you really want to write about. Take inventory of your blogging resume. What content do you A) love to write B) could write a lot more about C) know people like? Only the categories that meet those criteria should make it into your overall pinflux review.
If you perform this analysis and still have too many categories, then create a catchall category if possible OR make a few cuts based on the least well paying categories. If you can’t think of an easy way to monetize a group of posts or if you’ve tried to monetize them in the past with no luck, let that category go. If one of your blogging goals is to make an income, then this will make your decision to cut a category easier.
Using income as a factor, I decided to cut time-sensitive deal posts. They were too nerve-wracking to post, and they never seemed to make me much money. I had to be willing to post them at the spur of the moment and monitor the campaign for a change in status (i.e. when the advertiser decided to cap it). They weren’t worth it for the amount of mental energy required.
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