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Vidify Review – Leverage the Power of Video Marketing

Vidify Review – Leverage the Power of Video Marketing
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How about doing multi-level vidify review ? Yeah, it’s not the “coolest” thing in town, buthey, if you have nothing else to go with, this is probably the best opportunity that canpotentially turn you into a WakeUp Millionaire. Low cost. “Free” training. System hasalready been created for you. What else can you ask for?
The Missing Chapter to Abundance…I think abundance cannot exist without a sense of gratitude; a sense of appreciation.Many years ago, I was a kid who was just starting out. At the time of writing thisbook, I’m 33.I didn’t know how to achieve success or create massive wealth; I was all over themap seeking answers. I’ve been reading a lot of books and attending seminars, butapparently my life was still the same. Put it this way: I wasn’t becoming richer at alldespite of what I’d been learning about success. It’s like I’ve been going in circles.To a point, I was frustrated. Maybe, angry. I mean – who wouldn’t be? These Gurushave been pitching how easy it is to become successful and become a millionaire,but I just couldn’t seem to crack the code.One day I stopped doing anything related to achieving my goals. And did*something*.Now, when I did it, it wasn’t at a beach or some forest reserve – just in my smallroom.I chose to stop being frustrated and to stop feeling desperate for success.What I did was…I started to be thankful.Instead of feeling the sense of being overwhelmed and so on, I started to think ofwhat I can be thankful for instead.Thinking of what the great things are that I have, right now.And it leads me to write out the list of who should I be thankful with.At that time, I wasn’t wealthy so I wasn’t thinking anything about material. Anyway,material should be the thing I’m least thankful for.I was thankful that time for…
Being healthy, allowing me to enjoy my vidify review.
Having my eyes to see wonderful things in this world.
Having legs to walk as fast as I want, and run as crazy as I wish.
Having a fully functioning brain that allows me to think and do all of themarvelous things a brain does.
My fingers – even my toes. Though my toe doesn’t play a strong role(compared to my heart, legs and so on), I’m so grateful to have it! How much Ilove my toe! JThen at I look at where I’m living… what I am driving.I was happy. It wasn’t a big house or a Porsche; it was actually an old car. I was justhappy because I have a place to call home and have my own transport.I don’t have to starve.I have my favorite pair of jeans and some shirts that I think are awesome.I have a mobile phone. How cool is that? I’m not referring to the phone, but theluxury of being able to stay in touch.And I have so many other things!Then I got to the list of people I had to be grateful for .Mum, Dad, family, girlfriend, good friends, business associates, mentors, customersthe list goes on and on. If we were to list the names, it seems like it’d never end. Canyou see how blessed we are, with so many people who are close to us?You don’t want to just be grateful for what you have; but what it means to you.For instance, my first expensive watch was a Tag Heuer when I was a kid.It’s not just about having it to wear, but the meaning that it brings to me – I wasgrateful because I was able to buy it (it’s considered a luxury for me at that time).I’m grateful for the legs that I have. But I’m even more grateful for them to allow meto walk, run, climb, jump, kick, dance and enjoy sports I could experience. The valueof my legs makes me appreciate them very much.It is the value of the things you have that makes you appreciate having them.This is why there are millionaires who are living depressingly. They simply do notknow how to put a meaning to their money. Most people do not know the value thatlittle things in their life have. I’m not referring to the price of material things or themoney that allows them to buy stuff, but what the stuff they have actually means.
After experiencing being thankful in life, I feel “good”. I think, the best word todescribe it would be enlightened.I felt that the possessions that I have are AMAZING. I’m so blessed; I love my life somuch.If you were me, I don’t think you would let this experience go away either, so I took itto the next level.I was thinking… “What if, I do this regularly?”And here’s what I did….I started taking walks. Sometimes, jogs. But the whole purpose of this exercisewasn’t really focused on physical fitness but experiencing my gratitude ritualregularly.While I’m doing my walk (or jog)…My mind will run through the things I’m grateful for, everything I can think of that Ican appreciate.When I’m jogging, usually, I’ll start with my body parts – from toe to head. Especiallywhen you’re using themit kind of highlights to you again of how valuable they are.I remember feeling gratitude because I was breathing.Although breathing is essential to our living, how many times do we take the time toappreciate that?I’ll stop my jogging when I feel that I’ve already shown thanks for the great thingsthat were given to me. Who you thank depends on your own belief, whether it’s Godor the Universe. Personally I’m thankful to God.Where I live, there’s a hill not far away.Once a week, I’ll hike to the top of the hill and go through this very same process –running my gratitude through my mind.The best part of it is it makes you feel the sense of accomplishment. Like you’veconquered the hill and you’re “on top of the world”. Try it; I think you’ll love it too.So what will being grateful do to you?A lot.For starters, vidify review  makes you feel that you’re one of the best. Theoretically, it’s fair forme to say that you can call yourself the best because there isn’t another you in thisworld. Unless, a clone exists at the time you’re reading this book.
When you feel and believe you’re greatest, you’ll automatically build the
unstoppable confidence.The cool part about confidence is that it doesn’t just affect you. It creates an invisibleaura that affects other people around you, making them want to be associated withyou.Next, it makes you feel happy. Not like happy after watching some comedy flick onYouTube, but the type of happiness that is developed from the sense of feelingcontent with what Life has offered to you.This kind of happiness lasts.Do you remember the last time you bought something you REALLY liked?Come on. I’m sure you do. I do too.Let’s take something small, maybe when you bought a new phone or an iPhone, forthat matter.It feels awesome, right?So many functions and cool stuff to play on it.And when you use it, you feel proud – holding something so cool in your hand.My question to you is how long did that happiness with iPhone last?Let’s be honest with ourselves in that it did bring us joy. Sometimes, it could be daysor weeks. Maybe even months!But ultimately, it dies off. And that’s still okay - but the problem is, it’s very hard foryou to feel happy about it again after it’s gone – physically and mentally.But I can guarantee you that at any time, whenever I appreciate my eyes, legs or myMum, I will always feel happy. It never goes away; it can never be “gone”.What else gratitude gives me?
Empowerment. It empowers me to take action.When I feel gratitude to those who have been in my life, I feel proud of myself. I’mproud because I’m humble.I know, it sounds quite conflicting but it’s actually not at all.You see, many people put on a mask, pretending to be strong because they thoughtthat appearing as their true selves could be a sign of weakness.

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