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 Don't be afraid of the word "test." You are not the one being tested, but the affiliate programs that you chose to use are. There are actually plenty of simple tools that you can use to figure out how well different offers perform when you include them on your website, social networking pages, or email marketing campaigns. What Should You Track? When it comes down to it, you really just want to know which campaigns are more profitable.
For example, I have tested PPC vs. PPL programs on financial sites. The lead programs might offer $5 or more a lead, so they seem like they pay much better than a click program that pays out $1 per visitor that I can send. Example Results: ? Conversion rate of 20% on leads ? 100 visitors a day ? Average of $50 per 100 visitors with PPC Which is better.
Well, I got 20 leads out of 100 visitors, and those are very good warlord optin review . Those twenty visitors earned me $100. I only earned $50 when I used a PPC strategy. But that was just the results from one page. In other cases, I might find niches that pay out much better than $1 a click. Indeed, my highest paying Adsense click ever was $17, but those don't happen every day. Still, there are niches where clicks can payout $3 or more.
If you changed the math to include a higher paying PPC program, you can see that it would be a clear winner. That's Why You Have To Test The thing is that you will never know how much you can earn per click, what you conversion rate will be, or which program you should use unless you run them for awhile with live traffic.
Testing Tools A lot of times, you can gather enough information by simply using a traffic counter and your affiliate program's statistics page. This might be enough when you are getting started. You would be surprised how many affiliate marketers never even take the time to do this. But how can they ever figure out why they aren't making sales if they don't even know if they have any traffic? Google Analytics can provide most of the statistics you need about your traffic.
You simply incorporate a small piece of code on each page of your site, and you will see who visits, how they found your site, and a lot more. Some affiliate programs even have conversion scripts that you can also include on your website. These work with Google Analytics to show you exactly which page, and even which visitor, produced a sale.
This is a good way to get really accurate information about your traffic statistics, sales, and conversion rates. You may never need more than this, but if you really want to fine-tune your statistics, you can purchase professional tracking tools too. These might be particularly important if you are paying a lot of money for your traffic, or if you have some reason to doubt your affiliate program's statistics.
A product called warlord optin review can be used to track both traffic to your website, clicks through to an advertiser, and conversions. You actually host this software on your servers. This is important to many marketers who have concerns about letting anybody else have access to their data. After you have a little experience with different CPA offers, you might explore another way to make money.
A lot of affiliate programs have second or even third tier payout schemes. This means that you can recruit other people to promote the CPA offer, and you can make a little money whenever they make money. Sometimes that money can add up. In fact, some marketers spend almost 100 percent of their time recruiting. Sure, you make more money if you get the sale.
But getting a smaller percentage of many people's sales might work out for you. Keys To Making Money By Recruiting 1. Only promote offers that you have actually tested or have some reason to believe are good. 2. Offer to help people you recruit get started with some good tips about how to promote the offer. 3.
Spend time with other affiliates who are actually putting in some effort. Of course, you only get paid when other people also make money, so it only makes sense to promote offers that you have tested yourself. I don't really understand why some marketers will promote a new offer every day when it is obvious that they cannot have test them all.
I guess they figure that they can throw enough things against the wall, and something will stick. If you have developed a good strategy for promoting an offer, you might not be that eager to give it away. You will still make more money when you push the offer yourself than you will if one of your recruits does.
You have to use your common sense, but it might be helpful if you let a few tips drop, so they could get started on the right foot. After all, you only make money from your recruits when you make money. Be careful of spending to much time coaching others. In my experience, about 20 percent of warlord optin review that I recruit ever actually push any business. The rest won't be worth your time.
It's great to help people out, but you need to manage your time wisely. You might offer to help your recruits after they have demonstrated that they can make a sale or two. How To Find Other Affiliates To Recruit There are a lot of good ways to find people to push products. ? Start your own marketing blog. ? Hang out on webmaster forums.
? Find social media groups with Internet marketers.

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