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Info Profits Academy Review – The Autopilot Money Machine Generated From Tutorial Videos

Info Profits Academy Review – The Autopilot Money Machine Generated From Tutorial Videos
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I know I keep saying it, but once again, it’s important not to overthink the info profits academy review . We want our designs to stand out from what already exists in the niche we have chosen - we can do this by putting a twist on what others are doing already. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, but we can certainly install some new rims and give it a good ol’ polish.
Brainstorming Design Ideas Try to brainstorm at least one design idea for each of the 5 niches that we are going to be promoting. I’ve listed the ways I go about brainstorming design ideas: ? Copy What's already selling ? There's no shame in simply reworking existing designs that are selling well on ebay ? Quotes ? If you’re promoting a TV show/movie or book this is a great idea ? Google search ‘Your niche + top quotes’ and pick one of the most popular.
? Facebook Fan Forums ? Use facebook to find fan pages/groups related to your niche ? Join them and just browse to see what people are discussing - any of these could make great designs as it's clearly what your intended audience is interested in! ? Use Reddit ? If there is a sub-Reddit for your niche, head to that and sort the posts by ‘Highest Rated’ of All time and then you should get some ideas ? For my niche - I get lucky - the top rated post is a perfect quote to use for my design: “Cool it Sanchez… or you’ll get a knuckle supper” Once you have identified an idea for your design, it's time to work it up into a graphics file that can then be printed onto your t-shirt. Again, there are two ways to do this - (1) the DIY method or (2) the outsourced method (which I personally recommend to begin with).
(1) DIY - Design It Yourself (Only recommended for more experienced users!) ? Unless you have mad-skills editing photos - KEEP IT SIMPLE! ? For quotes: use to easily work them up into a usable design without any photoshopping needed. These can be downloaded as a picture file and used as the t-shirt design logo. ? If you want to be more ambitious, download info profits academy review .Net (a free Photoshop alternative) and build your design from the ground up.
? Follow the video tutorial on my website for how to design a t-shirt logo in Paint.Net. (2) Outsourcing Design For your first few t-shirt designs, I strongly recommend outsourcing the design process. This can be incredibly cheap and yield professional level results that you could never create yourself (unless you just happen to be a professional graphic designer).
The Key is to use Fiverr - a site where you can commission a professional graphics designer to design tshirt for only $5. This is a small investment to make, but in terms of the quality of the design they will come up with, and the subsequent increase in sales you will make, it will more than pay for itself. ? Click here to sign up for Fiverr ? Search for ‘T-shirt design’ gigs.
? Choose one with a good rating ? Buy the gig and send the design brief to the seller ? Wait for them to get back to you with a high quality t-shirt design! Try to build a relationship with a designer you like - if you order regularly you will likely be able to negotiate a better price than $5 per design. One guy I order from regularly will knock out a professional standard design within a few hours for only $2 a go! At this point we’re pretty much there! We’ve successfully researched, designed, listed and marketed our first batch of t-shirts. The sales should be coming in slowly but surely.
If not - don't sweat it, try and mix it up by using a different set of marketing techniques from the pool listed above. I am in no doubt that if you persist, it will begin to work for you rapidly. Capitalize on what works As the sales come in, it’s important to note what niches are making you money, and which aren't.
If one niche is doing particularly well, try creating another design within the same niche. Then use the mailing list you have been creating with GetResponse and send out a marketing email to all those who bought the original design in that niche. Set yourself of adding at least 1 new design/niche per week to your catalogue. This will ensure you keep growing.
Keep expanding your repertoire of designs and refining your marketing techniques by good old trial and error. The t-shirt business is one of the simplest and most profitable businesses to get involved with online. I hope this guide has helped you through the basics of getting started in this niche.

If you follow every step I have laid out and are info profits academy review, I am in no doubt that you will be successful. How do I know? Because these are the steps I followed in order to build my own successful t-shirt business. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the guide, give me a shout on Please add me on Facebook or Twitter to chat!

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